Attention Trail Workers
So, Curious Minds Want to Know--Are you going to Peacock Saturday?

Saturday Training 12-1-07 Peacock 50

Aloha Athletes !

It looks like all the planets are in line and we are going to finally be able to do the long-awaited Peacock 50 training run/race. So you are asking "what is a training run/race?" Well, it's a training run at know, kind of a competitive training run, where everybody starts at the same time and tries to outrun each other. However, unlike a "real" race, there's no entry fees, no race numbers, no awards, just a pat on the back if you finish. If you can do the 50 in the allotted 16 hour time limit, you will deserve a pat on the back. Gordon has put together a very challenging 25 mile loop. Here's the poop:

Meeting time: 5:50 am

Meeting place: Dillingham airfield (park in the parking lot just behind the control tower). We have permission to park there until 10 pm that night.

Starting time: 6:00 am sharp

Finish time: 10:00 pm !! We suggest that you finish the first 25 mile loop by 1:30 pm (7 1/2 hours) if you plan to do the entire 50 miles.

Course: 25 mile loop to be completed 2 times (if you are tough and fast enough). This is an advanced training run with the course marked adequately but sparcely. Course maps will be available.

Bring: Be prepared to carry a minimum of 70 ounces of water/sports drink !!!! This is a very exposed, hot area, with minimum stash locations. Also, carry electrolytes and snacks. Bring lighting, a cap or hat, sunglasses and a sense of humor. This course is not for the weak or the faint of heart. It was put together primarily for training for the entrants of the HURT 100 Mile Endurance Run, but is open to anyone. It should be a hoot !  Don


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ed radetich

hey all im in the same boat would love to run up there but need some wheels. i live in palolo but can get to any spot minus freeways. any help is appreciated.
moped ed


hey HURT friends,

I am interested in joining you guys for the first lap, and was wondering if I could bum a ride off somebody coming from town? I live in the Punchbow area but can ride my bike to meet you at a convenient spot. Let me know if you are cruising past my area. Thanks so much! aloha, Matt Stevens

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