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Saturday Training: Peacock Flats - Easy 15 miles

Aloha Athletes!

For this week, were heading back to the N. shore, up to the Dillingham/Peacock area. Time to get off the HURT course for a week.

Meeting time: 6:20 am (Please be on time--allow an hour drive from Honolulu/Windward.)

Starting time: 6:30 am

Meeting place: Dillingham Airfield (drive to the far end of Dillingham Airfield and turn left into the last gate...circle around back and park in the parking lot.)

Training: Cheryl tells me it will be an easy 15 miles

Distance: Approximately 15 miles

Time: Ask Cheryl

IMPORTANT !! Bring plenty of water and carry a minimum of 50-70 oz. 

Plan ahead and bring all the water/sports drink/food that you will need. Enjoy!

Aloha, Bob

Race Day Runner Updates To Be Made Available

Runners & Friends,

Last year the H.U.R.T. 100 Mile Endurance Run was fortunate to have The Amateur Radio Operators of Honolulu, Hawaii handle race day communications and tracking of runners throughout the event. Once again this year the radio operators have committed to handle the same task but have moved the communications to a new level. The radio operators have secured sponsorship from Sprint Corporation of Honolulu, Hawaii allowing the use of several internet cards and access time to their system. In addition, Jim Yuen and his colleagues have been hard at work on a site that will get out timely updates as the race progresses. The site is currently operational and can be viewed at http://aditl.com/hurt/. We encourage you to share this address with friends and family so they can track your progress through the tropical rain forests of paradise in January. On behalf of the HURT family and the H.U.R.T 100 we would like to extend a hearty Mahalo to the folks at Sprint and the Amateur Radio Operators of Honolulu for their support and hard work in making all of this possible. We would also like to encourage you all to do the same.

Merry Chrsitmas,

Jeff and John

Race Bib Numbers Have Been Assigned

You can find out your race bib number by clicking here. By now with the race just 30 days out, you should have your long training runs either completed already or you should be completing it by this weekend. After that it's time to taper and enjoy the Holidays.

Bob Murphy recently wrote me about a long training run that he started in 2-degree weather and snow in Omaha. Carl Gammon sent John and PJ this recent e-mail:

"I've attached a picture of the son of one of my running friends. Kyle Economy is a sophomore in high school, and had just run 11 miles in 5 degree temperature.

Yes, you do sweat when it's cold, but it then freezes, like the icicle Kyle is sporting.  I think I need some heat acclimation training for HURT."

Here's the photo:


Aloha, Bob


Hurt community,

I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself and share a little about what I am doing. My name is Barry Walton. I am living in San Francisco and stumbled across the HURT 100 several months ago when a friend of mine started sharing about his hobby of ultra running and a race he had entered called the HURT. Over the past couple of months I have started to gather footage of training for the HURT and building information on the race and all that goes into it. On the race day I intend to hike the 20 mile trail backward throughout the day and into the night profiling the track and grabbing footage of the runners. As well grabbing the opening and closing ceremonies. I would be very interested in getting to know any and all runners that will be traveling from the bay area as I am interested in shooting training and further profiling other runners (I currently am profiling a one male runner and would be interested in profiling more male and at least one female runner as well). I also welcome other runners as I would enjoy meeting you at the race and interviewing you before, during, and/or after. I would also be interested in learning about the history of the event, interesting facts, thoughts about the course, interesting parts of the ultra sub-culture, and personal experiences with the HURT and ultra running in general.

Feel free to contact me at: [email protected] If you would like to preview some of my work you can do this at: AdventureBTV.com

I look forward to learning more so that I can give this event and sport justice.

Barry Walton

12/15/07 Manoa Cliff Trail Work Day Report

Thanks again to all the people who took time out of their busy lives to get out and help with this trail work. All the runners in January will appreciate your efforts as will all the hiker's who use these trails! Aloha, Bob

We had a group of ten that met at the Pumping Station at 6 am- Jeff Fong brought two of his good friends, Johnny Landeza, and Heather McCafferty (who turns out to be my long lost cousin- we are both from the Sutherland family in Scotland!). The rest of the team: Greg Cuadra, Earnest Tay, Fish, Ed Radetich, Gordon Lau, Larry Inouye, and yours truly, PJ.

It was another windy rainy day, and we had to dodge downed branches on the way up Tantalus drive- near the top, a big tree had fallen, and was being guarded by a police car with flashing lights- we were lucky to get around the obstacle and get to our destination.

We parked at the Moleka trailhead, and started up the Cliff trail in the dark. We hiked almost up to the top, lugging our backpacks and tools, to survey the areas we wanted to attack. We left Gordon, Larry, Earnest and Fish for the biggest job- a forty foot section of badly eroded trail, that they leveled this blustery morning.

My cousin Heather, Ed and I took the first slide area down from there, and Greg, Jeff and Johnny started down the hill for another slide area. All in all, we must have widened about 6 or 7 slide areas, and tried to dig in some drainage troughs- some areas were so wet with the rain and the water seeping out from natural springs, that it was hard to keep ahead of the slop.

Nonetheless, we made quick progress, and were able to head out a little early, finding Bozo (after having done her 50 mile training run the night before) trimming overhanging branches of bamboo.

It was a chilly ride back down the hill! Thank you Jeff for driving us and the tools. Thanks to everyone for all the hard backbreaking work, and rearranging your training schedules for this work day. Between Wednesday and Saturday’s work, we had 17 workers- pretty awesome family! Two_2 Six

Five_2 One



Save Your Relationship Night Run

For all of you that have a significant other who would like to see more of you, let's run Friday night while they sleep and still be able to hang with them on Saturday!  And for those of you that don't have anyone, you can run all night and meet the HURT gang Saturday morning:)

The plan: a 30 miler starting around 5:30pm departing from JG for a loop, then another JG to PP repeat.  You can connect at any point along the course if you start at another trail head.  Click below and let me know if you are coming, and I'll stash some extra goodies!!


Saturday Training 12-22-07

Aloha Athletes !

We have something new, exciting and different planned especially for you for this Saturday ! A HURT loop ! Yes, just imagine, going over to Manoa at 6:00 am, after all this time away, and finally getting to do a HURT loop (or multiple HURT loops, if you desire). Okay, hopefully you see the fun here...with a little Holiday humor. But seriously, meet the group at the end of Manoa Rd. at 5:50 am and do at least one HURT loop...the HURT 100 race is almost here...and training is almost over.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all !!  Don

12/15 Trail Work Details

We have another nice group going up on the trails this Saturday (12/15) to work on some slide areas near the top of Manoa Cliff trail. We'll met at the Pumping Station at 6 am, and consolidate into one vehicle (it will be     tight). The plan is to drive with our tools to the Roundtop road crossing, at the top of Moleka Trail, and beginning of the Cliff Trail. From there we'll hike in and divide up to attack the hill.
I'm exploring the possibility of driving to the top of "Concrete" if someone will let us through the gate.
Please bring your own water bottle (I used two Wednesday), a snack, garden gloves, bug repellant, rain gear, a favorite tool, ( lopper,or folding hand saw) if you want (although I will bring Na Ala Hele's picks, shovels, rakes, polaskis, hoes, ) for all of us to share.
Saturday's plan is to work until about 11 or 11:30- I have to go a family member's ballet, and need to be in Kaneohe by 1 pm. Anyway, if we all leave the hill by no later than 11:30, we'll be plenty pooped by then.
Thank you for the good numbers signing up- I know there are those of you that have worked your major training day around this work day, and everyone appreciates that a lot.
Any questions, call PJ at 351-1453. Let me know if you have a last minute "can't get there" so we won't be waiting for you in the early morning  at our start. We will go rain or shine, unless there is lightening.

Thanks for the Trail Work-Aihualama Work Day

I got word from PJ that they accomplished a lot of work in the time out on the trail yesterday. I personally want to thank these people for taking time out of their busy life to work on the trails. I am including some photos PJ sent. The work crew included: Leon Draxler, Fred Bannan, Duma Bannan, Brenda Yim, Ryan Seto, Ed Bugarin, PJ, and last but NOT least, Bozo Vierra. I heard there were some awesome cookies made by Fred's girlfriend, Sonya.

Stayed tuned for details for the Saturday, 12/15 workday on the Manoa Cliff Trail. Check with PJ if you can help out.

Click each photo to enlarge it.


Img_1466 Seven Six One Two Eight Ten

New "Unofficial" Maui Run

From H.U.R.T. 100 runner and co-race director for the Run to the Sun

Aloha Friends,

On Saturday February 2nd we'll be having the 12 hours of Makawao forest. This is a totally unofficial get-together of friends, mountain bikers, and runners. You can run, mountain bike combo, team up with a friend or 2, mixed, male or female team etc. any format anything goes. We'll be doing this on a 6 mile loop trail in the Makawao forest off piiholo road. The idea is to do as many loops as possible from 0600 am till 1800 pm and then margaritas and awards at Pollies Cantina afterwards. Again this is totally unofficial etc. If interested email me or contact Marsha Sarver, Tom Armstrong or Donnie Mcgean for more details. You can forward this but again it is not a race its a get-together with friends so be selective who you pass it on to. For those of you training for Run to the Sun in March this would be a great opportunity,

Bram DenHaan
Home 808-573-7584
Cell 808-280-4893

e-mail: mauibram at aol.com

Sibley Birthday 50 miler

In addition to all your training options, here is another.  Planning to run 50 miles but not leaving at 4am - NOPE!  Leaving at 4PM after work.  Will depart from NC, do a double with a PP/JG repeat in the middle for 50ish.

I'm not turning 50, but I thought 36 miles was too easy:)  Plan for 14 hours total time. For coordination, please contact me at 497-3911.