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January 31, 2008


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Don Fallis

If you're interested in my two-cents worth, there's definitely a big gap in Muench's report, so I'd like to lovingly give the Alii Kane Insanity award to our very own "most improved runner", Michael Muench. Mike's "year" actually began shortly after the 2006 Run to the Sun when he became a bit nauceous after seeing his race photo. From there, it's been a remarkable combination of dedicated training, lots of crunches and a string of four 100 milers over a 7 week span, last summer. Don't kid yourself, no one has put in more intense training than our Conan. I've seen what he's done and he's made me proud. Mike Muench certainly deserves a special award and our respect. Don

Rob lahoe

Just wanted to throw in a couple of things. This was my first year with HURT, and I've been truly inspired by people like Cheryl, Don, and Mike. I want to thank all of you for taking me under your wings and showing me the ropes.

Also, I wanted to add someone to Mike's list. Although I don't have a Hawaiian name to give him, and I certainly don't have Mike's gift of writing.

Jim Masterson had an amazing year, finishing both Plain and HURT. He also kicked my butt by about 1.5 hours at the volcano marathon. It seemed every time I was about to go on my "long run" for the week, up would come Jim, caked in mud, having already run twice as far as I'd planned that day--and then still finishing the run before me. Congrats on a great season, Jim!

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