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January 28, 2008


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I was pacing out on the course for a little while, and hear where you're coming from. But, don't be too hard on yourself. You could have rested on your accomplishment of finishing four - 100's and a 50 during a seven week period. But, NO - you had the balls to be out there attempting to tame the HURT. Unlike myself, who whined and wimpered after the 100K version last year. Pathetic. You can believe that I will be out there next year with you, and Cheryl and Don, and Conan, and whoever else dares to take on the beast. No more whining and wimpering. Simply toeing the line, my dear friend, that's what truely matters.


I'll be your pain in the ass next year and we'll finish together!


I planned on pacing 53 miles. I bailed at 33 with all the usual suspects reeling through my mind . . . I should head home and help my wife . . . she needs me . . . I'm only pacing . . . I got my runner through the night, that's the important part . . . I don't want to risk injury . . . whine . . . whine . . . whine!

The reality is I could have continued with a blister repair and a change of shoes. My stomach was fine and energy high. This year I was reminded never take a race or distance for granted. They all deserve physical and mental preparation and mostly RESPECT. See you on the trails and loop 4 next year!!!!!


I'm with you all. The pain inflicted by the trail was mild and fleeting by comparison to the pain of shame for the next 360-some days. Let that pain rekindle the warrior spirit and Conan will reappear.



very, very true. On Tuesday morning I was already hurting (pun intended) to go up to the Nature Center and try again. I am counting the days till January 2009. All a sure sign that I didn't give it my best shot last weekend. Sanity and reason got in the way. Thanks for pointing out the fundamental flaw behind the concept of quitting while you're still standing. It won't happen again.



I share your pain. We all could have done better regardless of the conditions/excuses we give ourselves.
Thank you for the reminder to "Run every race as if it is your only race".

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