Saturday Training 2-23-08
H.U.R.T. 100 Race Report--Pacer's Point of View

Ben Cavazos--Army Male Athlete of the Year!!

Jay Edwards sent this as a comment and I wanted to make sure everyone sees it.

Congratulations Ben!!!

I wanted to send a note to the HURT Community that SGM Ben Cavazos was selected as the Army Male Athlete of the Year for 2007. Once the board heard about the HURT 100 and the Wounded Warrior Project this must have really made an impact. This is a huge honor for Ben and was due in large part to the HURT Ohana.


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Congratulations Ben. You are an inspiration to me, and many others. I read the other article on you and what you have accomplished is amazing. Keep up the great work, and continued success on your campaign.

PJ Salmonson

Jay- thanks for taking such good care of Ben for us. You picked right up on the whole flavor of the way HURT does things. You obviously put a lot of time and love into reinacting the HURT100 in Kuwait. We were all impressed, and we consider you part of the HURT family.
Thanks for letting us know about Ben's recent award- we are very proud of all of his accomplishments.
Stay safe.

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