H.U.R.T. 100 Race Report--Pacer's Point of View
Saturday Training 3-1-08

Swamp Romp results confuse me???

Aloha Guys and Gals. !

Maybe I was misinformed, but I was told by a very reliable source that at Swamp Romp last Saturday, the HURT women's team beat the HURT men's team. If that wasn't bad enough, the HURT women's team had 2 masters team members (60 and over). Please tell me this isn't so.  Don


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PJ Salmonson

That's a bunch of sissy excuses if we ever heard them.
Nonetheless, my sympathies, Dan. This was harder than HURT100.



As a member of the Men's team, I can tell you this is true. Unfortunately, we could not keep up with Steve's kids and they had to keep waiting for us. It had nothing to do with us lingering around the obstacles to watch the "slippage" in the clothing of the women's teams as they negotiated the course. Also, as the Clydesdale in the group, I seemed to sink a lot deeper than the others. I was also carrying extra baggage as I disovered after the race when I found a live snail in my utilities' pocket. I think I know who Don's reliable source is because Steve and I had to put up with her constant teasing up and down the trails of Peacock Flats on Sunday!

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