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Cool Opportunity: Maui 12 Hour

Aloha everyone,

The 12 hours of Makawao forest is set for Saturday April 12 from 6 am till 6 pm. The idea is to try to get as many loops on the Kahakapau loop trail within 12 hours. Again this is an unoficial gettogether,anything goes! You can do it solo, a team of 2,3 ,4 ... , Combo with a mountain bike, your dog, swim etc. Just show up even if you just do a couple of hours or just 1 lap.  After the event we'll regroup at the stopwatch bar and grill in Makawao for food and your favorite libation.
Since we've postponed this race from last february's date ,the forest has dried up nicely and the trails are in mint conditions. Let us know what your plans are and more details will follow. You can forward this to anyone interested. Again this is an unofficial gettogether with no rules etc.
C-U on the trails. For more info callTom  @ 2811135 Marsha @575 9796 Donny or me
Bram DenHaan
Home 808-573-7584
Cell 808-280-4893


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Hi Bram !
Unfortunately your cool race is on the same day as our cool race, the HURT Trail Series "Top of Tantalus". Let's shoot for next year and maybe we can get a nice group from Oahu to come over to Maui. Personally, I'd really like to do your race ! All the best ! Don


Bram, Assuming this is a loop, how long is each loop or lap?

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