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Saturday Training 4-5-08 "Top of Tantalus Race Preview"

Aloha Athletes !

Last Saturday's training at Peacock Flats was a blast ! Several old, familiar faces showed up to the surprise of a large group of regulars. Peacock Flats is fast becoming a popular training ground, especially for runners heading for races on the mainland. We will be returning there soon.

With several of the regulars heading for Maui this Saturday, and with the first HURT Trail Series race "Top of Tantalus" scheduled for the following Saturday (April 12) we have something special planned. You'll have the opportunity to run the race course with the Top of Tantalus race directors, Kat Tagaca and Rex Vlcek. Just think, if you already know the course you can kick the race director's okoles. If you don't know the course you'll be stuck behind them. But either way, it will be a blast !Both Kat and Rex are fun to run with. It's a 7 mile loop.

All the fun will start promptly at 7:00 am at the Puu Ualakaa Park toward the top of Round Top Drive. The gate generally opens at 6:30 am. Bring your own water and snacks, unlike the race, the training is un-supported. I'll miss you guys, as I'll be in Seattle on business.  Don

Thanks from Luanne!

Special thanks for all of you who helped. I think Marian picked her up in Waikiki. Training with H.U.R.T. runners up at Peacock was definitely a good experience for her.


Please tell all the runners that it was a pleasure to meet them and a highlight of my trip to run with them.  I appreciate you getting me in touch.  Sorry you couldn't have made it too.
Sounds like I'll be seeing a lot of the Hawaii runners at Miwok.
Until then,

Luanne Park

Why "Run to the Sun" when you can "Trudge a tiny bit closer to the Sun" Big island Style? A Mauna Loa Memoir.

aloha HURT'ers, 

Last week, my wife Lesley and I spent five days grinding out a 45 mile roundtrip hike up and down Mauna Loa.  This was the first time for both of us up the trail, and it was definitely tougher than we thought it would be.  Highlights included staying at wonderful cabins for each of the four nights and meeting interesting characters also climbing the mountain, although we didn't see anybody for the first three days.  Lowlights included always feeling like you had a headache coming on and occassional puking.  Physical suffering aside, it was wonderful to be on a big mountain alone, and really fun to hike through snow.  It's wierd to work so hard, however, to get up a moutain,  only to discover a gigantic crater at the top.  We recommend this trip as a great, cheap getaway in the islands.  You really don't feel like you are in Hawaii still when you are up there.  Click on pics to enlarge.  Imgp6395_6 Imgp8178 Imgp8211 Imgp8192 Imgp8265 Imgp8267 Imgp8310 Imgp8340 Imgp8352 Imgp8375

Alternate Saturday Training 3-29-08

Aloha again,

In addition to Peacock Flats this Saturday, for those of you with less time on your hands or don't like driving to Maui (just a joke), Marian will be doing Tantalus Repeats- 4 or 5 loops (up trail, down road) 7.3 miles each, 1 3/4 hours each). I'm not sure what time she will be starting, but for details, just e-mail her at [email protected]   Don

Saturday Training 3-29-08 Peacock Flats Revisited

Aloha Athletes !

A very large group showed-up for Peacock Flats last Saturday, including several strong, tough, fast wahine. Several good male runners ran hard but still got "chicked" for their efforts. It was a beautiful day...so beautiful that we will be returning to Peacock Flats this Saturday. Same starting time: 6:30 am. Same location: the parking lot behind Dillingham airfield. There will be 2 options: 22 miles and 27 miles. We will have water stashed at 2 locations, but please plan to carry plenty of water and also snacks and electrolytes. It wasn't hot on Saturday, but it can be hot up there. See you there for another tough trail run.  Don

H.U.R.T. Trail Series--First Race is April 12

Just a quick reminder that the first race in the 2008 H.U.R.T. Trail Series is coming up real quick on April 12.

This first race is the Top of Tantalus (Pu’u’Ulaka’a State Park)  race (7 miles) and Race Directors are Rex Vlcek and Kat Tagaca. This first race is always fun and has a great start and finish format. 

More details will be posted soon. Remember these races are easy to enter--no pre-race registration. Just show up the morning of the race at least 30 minutes before race start and pay $10.

The entire race series schedule can be seen here.

Get out there and run!!

Thank You Letter and Poster Boy!

As many of you know, Ben Cavazos ran the H.U.R.T. 100 in Kuwait this year. You also are probably aware he was chosen Army Athlete of the Year.

You can read Ben's thank you letter here.

Congratulations Sgt. Major Cavazos!

We look forward to having you on the trails here again soon!!

Click the image to enlarge it. (I think we need to give Ben some sh%t for not wearing a H.U.R.T. shirt!)

Athelete_of_the_year_2 Athlete_of_the_year_1

Cool Opportunity: Maui 12 Hour

Aloha everyone,

The 12 hours of Makawao forest is set for Saturday April 12 from 6 am till 6 pm. The idea is to try to get as many loops on the Kahakapau loop trail within 12 hours. Again this is an unoficial gettogether,anything goes! You can do it solo, a team of 2,3 ,4 ... , Combo with a mountain bike, your dog, swim etc. Just show up even if you just do a couple of hours or just 1 lap.  After the event we'll regroup at the stopwatch bar and grill in Makawao for food and your favorite libation.
Since we've postponed this race from last february's date ,the forest has dried up nicely and the trails are in mint conditions. Let us know what your plans are and more details will follow. You can forward this to anyone interested. Again this is an unofficial gettogether with no rules etc.
C-U on the trails. For more info callTom  @ 2811135 Marsha @575 9796 Donny or me
Bram DenHaan
Home 808-573-7584
Cell 808-280-4893

Maui training run around West Mountain

EDIT:  I changed this posting a bit.  Big thanks to Marsha Sarver for giving me some info on the route!

Around September or October, I'm going to do a run from my house in Wailuku town.  It starts along Kahekili highway, just above Takamiya market.  The course is all paved road - maybe some unpaved - and winds through Waihe`e town, then Kahakuloa, Honolua, Napili, Honokowai, Lahaina, Olowalu, Ma`alaea, Waikapu, then back into Wailuku town.  This around-the-mountain course is about 62 miles (thanks for the info, Marsha!).  If I go alone, I intend to use a jogging baby stroller, loading it with supplies and pushing it with me.  If anyone would like to join this fun run, please contact me and we can organize drop points... or more wild and wacky baby stroller action!

I'd like to do this run on a  Saturday morning, maybe starting at 6am.  If other people would like to run this in the opposite direction, I'm all for it!  Run on a Sunday, sure!  Different starting time, not a problem! Nothing is set in stone with this fun run, and I just wanted to post this to let everyone know it's a happening thing.  Sometimes we all need a nudge from someone else to get going on a long run!

- Kevin Miguel
email: [email protected]
phone: (808) 281-3708

Yea Cheryl !

There's likely not one ultrarunner in Hawaii that doesn't know my good buddy Cheryl Loomis. Well, last night I received my March 2008 issue of "Ultrarunning" and was excitedly scouring the section "Ultrarunning's 2007 Ultra Lists" when I came across the category "Oldest 100 Mile Finishers-Women". This gave a list of 11 women's names, their ages, specific races and race times. Not only was Cheryl Loomis mentioned...she was listed TWICE, for Western States and for HURT. She was the ONLY woman listed twice ! (2 out of 11). Wow ! Please keep in mind that this list includes ALL runners and races in the United States (not just Hawaii). Cheryl has many running friends and fans that are very proud of her, but no one is more proud of Cheryl's accomplishments than me ! I know how hard she trains ! I know how much she gives to all her running friends ! So, send her a congratulatory e-mail and/or just tell her how proud you are of her, the next time you see her. She deserves it ! We love you, Cheryl. I'm proud to know you.  Don

Run to Sun Photos

P3140005 I've uploaded some photos from this past Saturday's race. These were taken by either Cheryl or Barbi so you will see some similar shots or photos that feature primarily team Fun, Fun, Fun or Darin and Bob.

If you have photos you would like put up here, contact me. The best way is for me to copy off your photo card or get the files on a CD from you.P3140017

Click here to see the photos. Each photo will enlarge when you click on it.

Aloha, Bob