Alternate Saturday Training 3-29-08
Thanks from Luanne!

Why "Run to the Sun" when you can "Trudge a tiny bit closer to the Sun" Big island Style? A Mauna Loa Memoir.

aloha HURT'ers, 

Last week, my wife Lesley and I spent five days grinding out a 45 mile roundtrip hike up and down Mauna Loa.  This was the first time for both of us up the trail, and it was definitely tougher than we thought it would be.  Highlights included staying at wonderful cabins for each of the four nights and meeting interesting characters also climbing the mountain, although we didn't see anybody for the first three days.  Lowlights included always feeling like you had a headache coming on and occassional puking.  Physical suffering aside, it was wonderful to be on a big mountain alone, and really fun to hike through snow.  It's wierd to work so hard, however, to get up a moutain,  only to discover a gigantic crater at the top.  We recommend this trip as a great, cheap getaway in the islands.  You really don't feel like you are in Hawaii still when you are up there.  Click on pics to enlarge.  Imgp6395_6 Imgp8178 Imgp8211 Imgp8192 Imgp8265 Imgp8267 Imgp8310 Imgp8340 Imgp8352 Imgp8375


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Kevin Miguel

Wow, looks like you guys had a great experience! The photos are amazing. Thanks for sharing!


Hey Matt, Sounds like Lesley and you had a great trip. I did this years ago about this same time of year. My thoughts were similar to yours. I remember thinking the gradualness of the climb can kill you--it just goes on and on forever. We had similar weather and conditions with snow patches and almost a whiteout once we reached the summit cabin. It really is a great experience.

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