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Trail Access and Trail Running

Aloha Runners,

Tonight I had the opportunity to speak briefly to a group of runners at NikeTown about trail running. I know Don and few others have spoken to this group as well. One question that came up was trail access and how to find trailheads. At a presentation like this, that is a tough question to answer. I recommended picking up a hiking book that describes Oahu trails and told the group that I would also post something here.

Na Ala Hele has a great site for just this thing. Click here and have fun exploring Hawaii's trails.

Aloha, Bob

Saturday Training 5-3-08 "Peacock Flats"

Aloha Athletes !

With everyone busy or going to do the Miwok 100k or doing training at Peacock Flats, we were unsuccessful in putting together a race preview for the upcoming (May 10) Run With A View. So, it looks like this Saturday training will be at Peacock Flats. We have a full day planned, starting at 6:00 am. For some, it will be 40 tough miles, but just come out and do what you feel like. We'd love to have you. Gordon will have water stashed at the usual spots (and some special stash in the back of his truck at the "intersection"). Thanks Gordon !  It should be a tough but fun day.  Don

Respect our Aina

I just got back from a run out at Peacock Flats.  By the time I got back to my truck I had with me an extra Succeed pouch and 4 Gu-type pouches which I found on the trails.  I'm sure we've all had something fall out our packs once in a while, but I wanted to reiterate to you all that we need to leave the trails better than we found them.

Also, can someone please e-mail me driving directions to get up to the water drops (just click my name below for e-mail address)?  I talked to some hunters and they said the entrance is on the other side from the airport--whatever that means. 



Saturday Training: 4-26-08, Peacock Flats

Aloha Athletes,

At the request of Don, we are going back to Peacock and will start just a bit later. Don returns from the mainland on Friday evening.

Peacock Flats this Saturday. Starting time: 6:30 am. Same location: the parking lot behind Dillingham airfield. There might be a couple of options: 22 miles and 27 miles. You can always do much less by just retracing  your route to the cars. Water will probably be stashed at 2 locations, but please plan to carry plenty of water and also snacks and electrolytes.

Hope you can be there for another great day on the trails.

Runners and Races on the Mainland

Hawaii runners have been running in races on the mainland lately. Let's see, first there was Joel Jenkins and gang up at Umstead where Joel bagged his first 100. I have confirmation that Jeff Huff participated in a race near San Francisco called Diablo. Bob Murphy finished third at the MacNaughton 100 mile race under cold, wet, and muddy conditions. Did you know Mauricio Puerto ran Coyote Two Moons?

A couple of other notes: David Goggins won the MacNaughton 150 mile race. HURT 100 runner Charlotte Vasarhelyi was the first woman and 5th overall at the MacNaughton 150.

Mauricio has promised me some photos and brief race report. How about the rest of you?

Send in those race reports and photos!!

Aloha, Bob

Recognize this guy??

Saturday Training 5-19-08 "Maunawili"

SUNDAY Option: Peacock Flats, starting at usual parking area behind Dillingham airfield at 6:00 a.m.

Aloha Athletes !

Following on the heels of a very fun "Top of Tantalus" HURT Trail Series race will be this weeks' Saturday Training at a recently trimmed Maunawili Trail. Just be at Pali Lookout by 6:00 am for a out-and-back to Waimanalo.  By the way...I've been asked several times in the past if "Pali Lookout" is the place at the hairpin curve on Pali Highway. No...Pali Lookout is Pali Lookout (where the tour buses go and where King Kamehameha threw people off the cliff). Cheryl generally stashes water at the Waimanalo turn-around, but please bring more than you think you will need, as we've all been caught without water on the way back in the heat of the morning. 22 fun miles, or you can always go more or less.

Trails in Google Earth

   At the suggestion of a friend, I've tossed up a quick web page of some local trails runs. The trails are downloadable in Google Earth format, so you can zoom in and see the elevation and terrain changes. The aerial views are nice if you've wanted to run a trail but were not sure of where the trailhead was or where the trail ended up. The list is a bit limited right now, (mostly North Shore trails right now) so if anyone wants to send me some files I can add them to the list. You can get to the web page at http://www.honuea.com/trails. Hope this is of use to someone...

Top of Tantalus Results

Aloha Athletes:

Seventy-five runners participated under almost perfect conditions at the first H.U.R.T. Trail Series, Top of Tantalus. Rex and Kat put out quite a spread for the post race celebration. Oh yea, the results, a new course record by Justin Harris and no woman took over 2 hours. Apparently a few people got twisted around on the course or used that as an excuse to put in more miles. :-)

Thanks Rex and Kat and the other volunteers for putting on a great race.

Click here to see the results.
Click here to see some photos.

Top of Tantalus--First H.U.R.T. Trail Series Race is Saturday

Aloha Athletes!

This Saturday, April 12th is the first race in the H.U.R.T. Trail Series. Race Directors Rex Vlcek and Kat Tagaca are expecting a large turnout. Please consider riding with a friend since parking is limited. The great news though is that the road is open this year, so we can take the shorter drive to the race start.

Rex and Kat are still looking to confirm some help at the aid stations and for picking up after the race. If you can help out please contact them immediately.

OK, here's the details:

Top of Tantalus 7.0 mile, April 12, 2008  7:00 a.m.   
Start:   Pu'u’Ulaka’a State Park         
Finish: Pu’u’Ulaka’a State Park                                                                              
For information:  Rex Vlcek  497-7415, [email protected]
Or Kat Tagaca  956-0913, [email protected]

Remember for all trail series races, there is no pre-registration or early sign-ups. Just show up race morning at least 30 minutes prior to race start time, pay the entry fee ($10), and be ready to run. Since this is the first race, you can pre-pay for the entire series ($60) and get a savings of $10 over the seven races.

Click here to see the results from the 2007 race.

If you have any questions contact Rex or Kat.

Run to Sun Winner Shares his Training and Race Report

Kevin Schlag was the winner of the 2008 Run to the Sun Race. Kevin is pretty new to ultra running. In fact, I think this was his first. Kevin has shared his training and race report. I encourage you to take a look. Make sure you scroll down past his training log.

Click here to read it. Thanks for sharing Kevin.

P.S. Kevin, we have another fun little race you might want to think about. It's held each January and is called the H.U.R.T. 100. Train for it like you did Run to the Sun---watch out, you might just win it too. :-)