2009 H.U.R.T. 100 Entry Guidelines Posted
Saturday Training 5-3-08 "Peacock Flats"

Respect our Aina

I just got back from a run out at Peacock Flats.  By the time I got back to my truck I had with me an extra Succeed pouch and 4 Gu-type pouches which I found on the trails.  I'm sure we've all had something fall out our packs once in a while, but I wanted to reiterate to you all that we need to leave the trails better than we found them.

Also, can someone please e-mail me driving directions to get up to the water drops (just click my name below for e-mail address)?  I talked to some hunters and they said the entrance is on the other side from the airport--whatever that means. 




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Thanks everyone for your e-mails. I've got directions and have applied for a permit to get up there. I ran out of water this weekend (and got lost) so I just want to make sure that never happens again.


Rob, Gordon is the best person to talk with about access up there. I know you need a permit and 4-wheel drive vehicle.
Aloha, Bob

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