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Saturday Training: 4-26-08, Peacock Flats

Aloha Athletes,

At the request of Don, we are going back to Peacock and will start just a bit later. Don returns from the mainland on Friday evening.

Peacock Flats this Saturday. Starting time: 6:30 am. Same location: the parking lot behind Dillingham airfield. There might be a couple of options: 22 miles and 27 miles. You can always do much less by just retracing  your route to the cars. Water will probably be stashed at 2 locations, but please plan to carry plenty of water and also snacks and electrolytes.

Hope you can be there for another great day on the trails.


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Go past the field. Enter at Second Gate. Parking lot by the control tower and hangers on mauka side of field. Run up hill, run up road, run up trail, repeat, repeat again. Turn around and repeat.

Greg Cuadra

Hey gang: I know this may hard to believe, but I have never run at Peacock Flats. I know where the Firecracker run is (Kaena Point) and have seen Dillingham airfield when I pass by on the way. Is there a sign or something that says where to turn in to this parking area your talking about?


Link to map is here.
The trail is (usually) hot and sunny, so plan on carrying more liquid than you think you need. A 70 ounce hydration pack and 2 hand-helds is not too much. The trail climbs 1000' in the first mile and hits 2000' by mile 3. After that it's fairly easy up and down on jeep roads and a small section of single-track. You should not have any problem finding someone who runs the same pace as you so following someone will work just fine.


I have run three marathons in the past and I am looking for something different. I came upon your site and I am interested seeing if trail running is for me. I see this event is scheduled for Saturday and may attend. Could anyone give me advice on how to dress and what to expect? Also can anyone provide a map to the location? Also how are most of the weekend runs conducted for newcomers i.e. are trails marked, maps handed out, follow others. Just really looking for someone to correspond with on a weekly basis to get the scope on the areas being run that weekend. Anyone's assistance would be great. Mahalo

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