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Saturday Training 5-19-08 "Maunawili"

SUNDAY Option: Peacock Flats, starting at usual parking area behind Dillingham airfield at 6:00 a.m.

Aloha Athletes !

Following on the heels of a very fun "Top of Tantalus" HURT Trail Series race will be this weeks' Saturday Training at a recently trimmed Maunawili Trail. Just be at Pali Lookout by 6:00 am for a out-and-back to Waimanalo.  By the way...I've been asked several times in the past if "Pali Lookout" is the place at the hairpin curve on Pali Highway. No...Pali Lookout is Pali Lookout (where the tour buses go and where King Kamehameha threw people off the cliff). Cheryl generally stashes water at the Waimanalo turn-around, but please bring more than you think you will need, as we've all been caught without water on the way back in the heat of the morning. 22 fun miles, or you can always go more or less.


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Greg Cuadra

Maunawili was great. The Na Ala Hele group did a great job of clearing the trail I had done a one way trip on the trail about a month ago and it was so bad you could only run a very few parts. Saturday I'm estimating 10 brave souls decided to check out the trail. The weather was cool at 6:00 am but nice and clear. There were several new faces and as always while everyone else started off walking and chatting I had and always have had this urge to run. I was joined by a young man from Scotland named Sam. The run was very nice down and we were able to run all the way, other than maybe two 10-15 second stops for a drink. Sam had never been on the trail, but when I told him I would walk part of the way back, he felt confident enough to run on his own. THANK YOU CHERYL for the gatorade, water and goodies stashed at Waimanalo. I walked up the dirt road section on the way back and began to run, walking some of the steeper sections, and did fine until just past the second steep hill just before the water tank where I began having my usual cramping problems. I took another salt did a short massage and tried to run some but cramps were going to have nothing to do with it. so I walked to the water tank drank some more and another salt. I was able to salvage a little more running back to the parking lot. Overall great run, only one small shower on the way out to keep things cool, and short out my oakley thump sunglasses (so much for music) but the sounds of the trails were enough to keep me on track. There were several groups of boy scouts on the trail, and their scoutmasters were very good about moving the kids to one side and letting us through. I still have a long way to get back to form an out and back took me 5 hours to the minute. I can remmeber doing in three hours a few years ago while racing Richard Senelly all the way back. (he beat me, but I gave him a heck of a run) I can't wait to see where next weeks run is!!


Can someone please tell me how to get water stashed at Peacock? Specifically, how does Gordon drop water near the beer bottle 3-way and under the trailer? Does he hike it up there or drive some how? Thanks


With all dew respect, King Kamehameha did not trow nobody off da cliffs. They was Maui guys and likely jumped off rather than have to join his crew and bus tables down waikiki. And the place where that happened is not where the road goes but off to the left where the true Pali is. It is much easier to jump off that section. You should try some time.

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