Top of Tantalus--First H.U.R.T. Trail Series Race is Saturday
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Top of Tantalus Results

Aloha Athletes:

Seventy-five runners participated under almost perfect conditions at the first H.U.R.T. Trail Series, Top of Tantalus. Rex and Kat put out quite a spread for the post race celebration. Oh yea, the results, a new course record by Justin Harris and no woman took over 2 hours. Apparently a few people got twisted around on the course or used that as an excuse to put in more miles. :-)

Thanks Rex and Kat and the other volunteers for putting on a great race.

Click here to see the results.
Click here to see some photos.


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Cody, They're called gaiters and are available from several sources. One is
Aloha, Bob


i noticed alot of runners saturday with covers over their trail shoes that kept the mud out, great idea. where can i get some. thanks


Paul said it - fantastic job! Thanks, Rex, Kat, and everybody else who helped. I gained two pounds that morning! :)


Excellent job Rex and Kat. Next time, fewer markers on the course! There were too many markers so I really think some people wanted some extra miles. Thanks again - Paul

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