Run to Sun Winner Shares his Training and Race Report
Top of Tantalus--First H.U.R.T. Trail Series Race is Saturday


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Great job gang! I am thinking about adding Beano and prilosec to my training regimen. Thanks to Maggie for the secret tip!

Don Fallis


You are THE MAN !! Congratulations on what will be one of your biggest accomplishments in life ! Savor the EARNED it ! I'm proud of you, man.
Aloha ! Don

Stef J

oh my g-d!! the previous entry was made by friend maggie---she just had surgery and was well medicated when she posted the above comment. my coworkers told me to read the blog that maggie had a funny entry little did i know.....happy trails! Stef

David Carlsson

Way to go Joel!! Busting that cherry. And congrats to the other finishers and participants.

Matt Stevens


CONGRATS!!! Wish everyone of us who have been patched up by you over the years could have been there to support you. Enjoy resting!




You are a Rock Star!!!!

Margaret Horner

Dearest Joel and Stephanie with kids in tow with their sideline encouragement, we my family all helping me one way or another type this special message, them that be Maggie better known as [email protected]!E!!!!, Savannah, Ezra, and Dani and our stuffed animals all wanna tell you all, we are very proud of you reaching your goal and over all successfull completion of this race that put in touch with the fact that beano and prilosec may make u feel like you getting older but your GI system will greatly thank you and you need not worry cuz your looks and body systems decieve that clock. Your beauty will be classic and regal at any age. So proud of you and Joel. HOOAH NOW GO DRINK PLENTY OF WATER PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! Proud of you guys
Enjoy Ahui ho

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