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May 22, 2008


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Justi Harris

Hello Everyone. I'm really excited about this race and I hope everyone comes out. I will be moving back to the mainland on June 18th so this will be my last race on the island. Now, I have enjoyed a few runs and races with you guys and I'm going 110% to show my gratitude for taking me in and showing me all the trials. Hope to see everyone out there.

Justin Harris


A few people have asked me if our 'serious' dedication to the best runners is such that it will make this race unenjoyable for those who are not so genetically privileged as to be fast over short distances.

Pete and I wish to state 'NO'. We feel that the average runner will have a surprisingly good time on this run and we hope to give a finishers award to most everyone who runs.

Please come on out no matter what your speed, or ability on trails. This is a beautiful run over some of the best ground in Honolulu. If you are new to trails this is a great way to get an introduction.



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