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May 31, 2008


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fantastic pics! especially the one where you guys are on a very very small ledge going over one by one, yikes! thanks for sharing your adventure and all the breathtaking pics! congrats to all of you.

Don Fallis

Hey Gordon, After seeing the awesome pics, that had to be one hell of an adventure ! The only thing that seemed to be missing from your report was all the "whining" that I'm sure you heard all along the way. Just kidding, guys ! You all are definitely one, tough bunch ! Great job, Gordon.

Cousin Omi

Hi Cousin Jr...Ernest told me to check out your blog. Sounds like you folks had alot of fun and the pictures are awesome. JR...YOU ARE SO IN YOUR ELEMENT!

PJ Salmonson

What a great adventure! Glad you all made it back alive.



Cool! Looks like a stellar trip. I always suspected the Fishman was the "Blankie" type. And kudos to Larry's wife for putting up with your post trek Pua'a-like stench. See you out there. Brian

m minch

Amazing pictures. Some of those places give me the jitters just looking at them. A wonderful tale of an Oahu very few ever see.
Aloha to you all, Mike


Great write up, Gordon! Sounds like the trip involved a ton of bushwhacking; you guys are tough. Aloha.

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