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May 28, 2008


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I want to send all of you who came out to Peacock yesterday a giant thank you. The support of this HURT family is absolutely priceless! That is most definitely not something that I could or would have done by myself, but as a strong, supportive group, WE got it done! Each one of you gave me a tremendous boost, and I know that four weeks from now, that is going to help me get to that finish line of Western States. Thank you!!!!!

m minch

Mariane finished her run. The first loop in under 7 hours. The second as she waited for me on a number of occasions, at about 8 of so.

Thanks to Rex for coming out on second loop. Special Thanks to Earnst and Fish, who completed the Eastside, and then showed up to do the last section with us.

Thanks to everyone who showed up.

As it is after 12 am I am going to bed an will try and write a more detailed report early this week. The two-tailed peacock kicked us about!


For those of you doing Peacock Flats, please be sure to copy down the phone number for security. It is posted on the gate at the entrance to the airport. You may need this number to have security unlock the gate for you after sunset.

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