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Team Dewald, the Boys

Team Dewald, Stephen, Jr., Lindsey, and Jakob all participated in The Honolulu Kids Triathlon this past Saturday. Congratulations Boys!!!

The Honolulu Kids Triathlon, Saturday, May 17, 2008:
Distance:  Swim:    100 meters
                Bike:      6K
                Run:       800 meters

Age Group:    11-12    Jakob Dewald  Time:  13:47        - 1st place

                     13-14   Stephen Jr.      Time:   17:12         Place: 6

Honolulu Triathlon Youth Elite Triathlon

Distance:   Swim:    375 meters
                 Bike:       10k
                 Run:      2.5K

Age Group:     13-15      Lindsey Dewald - Place:   8 or 9,  no times posted yet.

Click on the photos to enlarge them.





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Michael Baker

Congrats Dewald boys! and to you too Steven on a great fathering job!

Your state-side relatives in New Jersey wishing you continued successes!!


PJ Salmonson

HURT Superkids! Uncle John and Auntie PJ so proud of you!
Loved the pictures too. We know you three worked hard, and you deserved to do well- nice job!


Team Dewald,

Good job! Man,you guys are smoking fast. Steve, maybe you can get hire them out as coaches for us old guys.

Brian Wilson

Way to go guys!

Wendy Minor

Congrats DeWalds! Sheesh Jakob...did that big ol' dog chase you the whole race, is that why you're so speedy? Can I borrow it for the 1/2 Ironman race next week?Those tri-suits are terrific...I want one...
Auntie Wendy

Don Fallis

Wow ! Congratulations to the Dewald Ohana ! Folks, this family is a force to be reckoned with in Hawaii athletics ! They are awesome !It couldn't happen to a nicer mom and dad ! Go, Team Dewald, the boys !! Uncle Don

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