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June 26, 2008


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Jeff Huff

Bob, etal,

I too express my warmest wishes to the folks who will not be able to run in the prestigious Western States 100 this weekend. Unfortunately, circumstances beyond the control of the race organizers pre-empted the running of this year's event. While it is devastating to the runner's who have worked hard for the past 7 months, it is equally if not more devastating to Greg Soderlund and the volunteers at WS 100 who have been working for the past 12 months to get the event organized. I too, feel poorly for Marian and Ernest who unfortunately will not be able to tread across the sacred WS 100 grounds this year. I told my good friend Luis Escobar that I would have broke down and cried if I had been selected for this year's race and not been able to compete. What I didn't tell him is that I also feel horrible for Greg and the gang at WS. Being on both sides (as a competitor and organizer)I fear the day that an event get's cancelled. However, wearing the hat of the organizer (I speak for PJ and John here as well) I have spent more sleepless nights than I did as a competitor, worrying if the event will go off without a hitch. Bottom line is we are at the mercy of the elements. Nobody can predict when things may go awry, but we know deep down that sooner or later they will. We may plan for 12 months (as we do at the H.U.R.T 100) but one freak quirk of nature and the whole she-bang gets put out of whack. Fortunately at this point Ernest and Marian will be able to run in another WS 100. There may be sadness and sorrow but bottom line is they live to runner another day. Greg and his volunteers will remember this cancellation forever. Bottom line is this, WS 2009 will be an incredible event, and Marian and Ernest will be even stronger....... as will Greg and his volunteers. On behalf of PJ and John, we wish you all safe travels on the trail.

Much Aloha,



All that training ! All that preparation ! Both Marian and Ernest have trained so hard. All the runners have trained so hard ! I agree with Bob, this is "sad, so sad". My heart-felt condolences to all the runners, their wonderful crews and to all the hundreds of volunteers.
This is a very sad day for ultrarunning. Welcome back and have a safe trip to Marian, Ernest, Neal, Fish, Cheryl and Kelly. Aloha ! Don


WHAT!?!? I think my jaw just hit my chest!

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