Successful Night HURT Loop
Kaena Point Firecracker 10 Mile Race: Saturday July 5, 2008 7:00 a.m.

Weekend Training?

Lots of people training all over the island this weekend. Paul did a great job filling us in on the Friday evening session.

Mike, How was Maunawili? Any newbie introductions like what happened Friday evening?

I know Jeff, Larry and Huddy were up above Dillingham on Sunday early and Steve was out there on some of the same trails a bit later in the day. It was a hot one--more later on why I know this.


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M Minch

Maunawili Out and Back....well out maybe.... It was a small turn-out for the Maunawili run on Saturday. The evening run took a few away, and...well...what can I takes a real runner to show up to run Maunawili just for fun. It was hot, it was dry, it was long, very long, at least for me. Ed Bugarian did it around 4 and a half plus, Rob Lahoe, in under five or so, Gordon was out there running Waimanalo to Pali with a lady whose name I did not get and she ran onto the Nature Center. Julie, and Kat were out there and both did Pali to Waimanalo. There were a lot of people on the trails, runners, walkers, boy scouts, girls groups, you name it, they were out there....except for a lot of supposed real trail runners who didn't show. But that's ok, we'll do it again in a few weeks.

I struggled in at about six, doing some trail work along the way. I wandered around the woods off the access road looking for a trail head that would take us back toward Jack-ass, with no luck.....I think Kalanikapule and his whole army are still lost back there....its another world. was one of those 'doin my time' days.


M. Minch

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