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Ha ha, don't believe the Huffer. If he shows up sick, we may have a chance of staying with him, at least until the end of the hills. After that, just look for his tracks because the dust will have settled by then.

Jeff Huff


If you plan on running with Larry bring your "A" game cuz brother don't mess around. I'm thinking of calling in sick cuz this hombre can't keep up. Best of luck to the rest of you.

I'm out.



For those of you who know where the water stash is...I've placed a ton of water just down the jeep road. If you're standing on the road looking at Gordon's water stash, turn right and walk about 20 paces, on the same side of the road you'll see an inlet where trucks can pull over. Walk into the brush and on the right side you'll see (probably buried by now) two huge ziplock bags with water in them. If you're thirsty enough you'll find it.

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