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There Always More Than One Story and A Picture Does Not Lie

A picture doesn't lie but there are two sides to this story. The characters, Big John, Vernon, and Barbi.Barbivernon_3

Barbi's version: "I am not a swimmer but yet I find myself at Ala Moana swimming meter after meter in training for the Mountain Man and Xterra off road triathlon. I am minding my own business when I come across these two men wearing funny hats seemingly standing up out in the water where I know it's pretty deep."

John's version:
”Buy one of Bob’s Safari Hats (from Planet Sun) and it guarantees that you’ll meet a beautiful bikini clad girl”.

I wonder what Vernon's story would be??

Hmmm?? Something fishy is going on here.


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Richard Senelly

It seems only yesterday that prominent attorney Vernon Char (aka Char Sue, LLP) was cavorting in the waters of a Western States training run shower. Now, here he is again, apparently all too ready to "throw in the towel" with another victim. He and his trusty agent, John "the fish" Salmonson seem to have hooked another one. For shame!

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