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Great job Rob. Thanks for sharing your adventure.



Bob Mc.

Here is the link to more of Glenn Tachiyama's photos from this years race:

Bob Mc.

Great report on what sounds like an awesome run Rob. Scenery looks fantastic. Congratulations!!


Great Job Rob! This area is beautiful. My father and I used to go backpacking in the Snoqualmie Pass area. The Thorp Mtn. look out was a favorite. Congratulations on a great finish!
Brian Wilson

Rex Vlcek

great report and great job. no longer a virgin! get some rest.

Paul Sibley

More pictures!! Dude, awesome and I can just imagine all that imagery that you described. Sounds like a great time. Recover and see on the trails.

Mike Minch

Congrats Rob. Well Done! The first one is always one you'll remember well....And you are lucky the guy in the red truck didn't steal your lights....too. Aloha. mikem


Congragulations Rob,
You did it! Be proud of yourself.
see you on the trail.

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