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Cascade Crest Classic 100 Race Report

It started out good.  I started out with Judy Carluccio and we quickly caught up on things since we last saw each other at HURT.  The first couple of miles are on an old rail bed leading to the trail head.  Once we got onto the trail, the climbing began.

The weather was cool and the trail was like a cushy red carpet inviting me to go just a little faster than I normally would go on such a long adventure.  I knew the first climb was going to make or break me, so I wanted to go slow.  Judy tends to be one of the better climbers I know, so about half way up I let her get her stride and take off.  We would pass each other at least a half dozen times throughout the race. 

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Tantalus Triple Trek--This Saturday

Hey Runners,

Just a reminder that this Saturday (August 30) is the Tantalus Triple Trek. The race starts at 5:30 a.m. so runners need to be up at the bathrooms by the Nature Center at least 30 minutes (5:00 a.m.) before the start of the race. We have been asked to not use all of the parking at the lower lot, so that means parking down by the water tank and walking up.

Race entry is just $10 and there is no pre-race sign-up.

Complete details can be found here.

2007 Results can be seen here.

Also, PJ has requested help in pulling ribbons from the course, starting at 11:30 a.m. If you can help with this, please contact PJ.

Grand Canyon Training/Peacock Flats

I am not a H.U.R.T. regular, but have pitched in from time to time to help with trail marking for your races, etc. Inspired by a recent story in Ultra Running magazine, some friends and I are planning a double crossing of the Grand Canyon on May 9, 2009 (47.5 Miles).  While training on the HURT 20 mile loop this weekend, we ran into Bob McAllaster who recommended we do some training runs on the Dillingham Airfield/Peacock Flats run that HURT occasionally does.

We would very much like to join the HURT veterans on this run sometime to learn what the course is. So, if anyone has this on their training calendar, we would be grateful for the opportunity to join you.

Oh...and the more the merrier on the Grand Canyon "Mule-Run" run if you want to join us.

You can reach me, Bob Dewitz, at 371-0216, or email [email protected]

road bike loan request

Can anyone loan me a road bike for next Sunday's Dick Evans Ride? I signed up for this, but discovered that the rules won't let me use my tri-bike. I ride a 56cm Cervelo (32" in-seam), so something of about that size would be great.

You can contact me on 808-520-3680 or kaiser "at" hawaii.edu

Sorry for the spam!


Cascade Crest Results

Reporting on this race as Cheryl went up to surprise former Honolulu resident, Judy Carluccio who was running the race and Cheryl was there to pace her. Judy ran a 29:06 and Rob Lahoe ran 30:16. There is a 32 hour cut-off for this race. H.U.R.T. 100 Runner, Jamie Gifford finished 5th overall with a time of 22:22

Congratulations to all the runners. I am sure Cheryl will have more to share upon her return.

Nuuanu Stash

The Nuuanu stash has been replenished to aid those who would like to start running HURT Loops early this year (see, e.g., comment section for the Saturday 8/23 training session). There's plenty of liquids now (spring and distilled water, as well as 4 different flavours of sports drink), and, miraculously, the leftover snacks from earlier in the season (energy bars, pretzels, crisps, and cookies) look still edible too. Happy trails, everybody!

Sustained Energy and Sugoi Jacket

Aloha!  I have an unopened 30 servings container of Hammer Nutrition Sustained Energy, Unflavored.  I am not using it anymore and cant take it back so I would like to sell it for $30.  I also have a Sugoi Running jacket that was worn once that I would like to sell for $50.  The jacket is a size large.  If you want more information please call 808-625-9692/371-2177 or email [email protected].


Saturday Training 8-23-08 "Trek Loops"

Aloha Athletes !

With the Tantalus Triple Trek almost upon us (Saturday August 30) it's time to get in some time on the Triple Trek course. Any ultrarunner worth his or her salt is already in great physical shape and will only be using this refresher run to get familiar with a few of the roots and rocks we've missed seeing over the past few months. So, plan to be at the Hawaii Nature Center, this Saturday, outside the bathrooms next to the bridge, at 5:50 am, ready for a  prompt 6:00 am start. Do as few or as many of the 10 mile Trek loops as you feel like, saving enough in the tank for next week Saturday's race. Speaking of the race, the start time is 5:30 am and the cost is a measly $10. You will want to get there between 4:45 and 5:00 am to check in.

For both this Saturday's training run and for next week Saturday's race...with limited parking, and also a greater chance of break-ins at the parking lot just below the Nature Center, I'd suggest getting there a few minutes earlier and parking further down below at the pumping station and walking up the road. With plenty of water at the Nature Center, you need only to bring your electrolytes, drinks and gels, etc. There will be a separate post for the race, which will give details for it.

I'll be out of commission for several weeks and will really miss seeing all of you. Aloha !  Don

Dewald Boys at Nationals

In general Team Hawaii had solid performances. The field was stacked with the best kids in the nation so it was truly a great day of racing.  Swimming in green pond with about 100 ducks made the kids realize how good they had it here in Hawaii. For complete results go to usat.com.

Here's a couple of photos.

Stephen, Lindsey, Jakob, Trevor, and Garret
enjoying some company on the trip. Hey was this an official USAT sanctioned event? It looks a bit like a Hooter's Bar to me??? However, not that I would know. I've only heard and read about them. 08nationals2

August Ultrarunning Magazine


I just got this months issue of Ultrarunning and as I was flipping through I came to page 55.  There they were, a picture of Mike Garcia and Patricia Carroll out running the Squaw Peak Trail Run (50 miles).  They came in 16:48.  A job well done you make me proud.  Can't wait to hear about the weather.