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Nuuanu Stash

The Nuuanu stash has been replenished to aid those who would like to start running HURT Loops early this year (see, e.g., comment section for the Saturday 8/23 training session). There's plenty of liquids now (spring and distilled water, as well as 4 different flavours of sports drink), and, miraculously, the leftover snacks from earlier in the season (energy bars, pretzels, crisps, and cookies) look still edible too. Happy trails, everybody!


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Paul Sibley

Mahalo for the stash! I'll help clean the box on Sat. mornings after my long night runs beginning next week. Extra recycle money for me too!!


Thanks for re-stocking the aid at Nuuanu. I bought some stuff last night to re-stock it today but you beat me to the punch. I would like to put it at Paradise Park but would like to place it at a safer location. Any suggestions?? Again anyone interested in a Friday night Loop give me a call (554-7830) I currently have 3 people interested in running a HURT loop starting at 11:00ish. We plan on running a 6-61/2 hr loop. Last FRI HURT loop was a blast with David Carlsson and Mike Holloman; an almost full moon was the icing on the cake!! See you on Saturday morning with some 1/2 baked legs.

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