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road bike loan request

Can anyone loan me a road bike for next Sunday's Dick Evans Ride? I signed up for this, but discovered that the rules won't let me use my tri-bike. I ride a 56cm Cervelo (32" in-seam), so something of about that size would be great.

You can contact me on 808-520-3680 or kaiser "at"

Sorry for the spam!



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I've seen that before. A lot of bike clubs don't like members to ride tri-bikes on the group rides either. The usual reason is the aero bar setup on a tri-bike. Your hands are grouped together on the center of the bike instead of out to the sides on the drop bars of a standard bike which makes the bikes a bit "twitchier" to steer, since you are essentially steering with your elbows. Also, the aero bars have no brakes, so it takes an extra second to pull your hands from the bars and move them to the brake levers. When you're riding in close proxmity to other riders of varying skill levels, the "collision factor" risk greatly increases.


Strange Rules. Seems like they would want to encourage participation not discourage it. I guess you're just too fast on your tri-bike. Speedy guys like you should push a fat-tire mountain bike.

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