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Peacock 54 Excitement is Building !

Aloha Athletes !

The HURT Trail Series Peacock 54 is just over 3 weeks away and the excitement is really building ! Last Saturday 20 runners showed up at Peacock for the training on the Peacock course...quite a big turnout. People are already offering to volunteer and Mike Muench is putting together "Peacock Basics" with mileage splits and elevation stats and Larry Inouye is working on late-hour parking approval. Gordon and I really appreciate all the support. If any of you would like to volunteer to work a remote aid station for a few hours on race day (it will require driving a 4-wheel drive vehicle through the gate on the Waianae side and up the jeep roads) please let Gordon know by e-mail: [email protected] . Otherwise, we will have a large stash at the location of the "intersection".

Two weeks prior to the race, Saturday October 11, 2008, we will have a race course orientation training day, especially to give runners who have not seen the course before, and those of you not yet comfortable with the course, a chance to get familiar with the course.

A little general information about the race to get your salivary glands working:         

Date: Saturday October 25, 2008

Race start time: 6:00 am

Check-in time: 5:30 am

Gate open: 5:15 am

Race cut-off time: 12 midnight (18 hours duration)

Time cut-off: Bottom of long road, Loop #2: 8:00 pm (14 hours)

Aid stations/Stash locations:

Bottom of Long Road: water, Mountain Dew, Gatorade, oranges, bananas, chips and cookies.

Dillingham airfield parking lot: same items as bottom of Long Road

Intersection: May be a stash location: water, Mountain Dew, Gatorade


Minimum of 70 oz. of water (carry at start)

Flashlight/headlight/windbreaker for 2nd loop

Course marking: minimal (We recommend that all runners do a minimum of one course loop prior to race day).

Entry fee: $10  (not a misprint...only $10)

Awards: Top 5 finishers

Volunteers welcome ! Contact Gordon Lau [email protected]

See you there !  Don

Run to Sun Application is Live 10-1-08

Aloha Athletes,

The 2009 Run to the Sun Application is ONLINE October 1, 2008.

The race is limited to ONLY 150 participants INCLUDING TEAM RUNNERS (3 runners per team). Once the limit is reached applications will be put on a waiting list.

Race Date is March 14, 2009.

Last year the race sold out so be sure to register early as we expect this years race to sell out as well.

The application has been pulled. The race is full.

Saturday Training 10-4-08: Your Choice Peacock or HURT Loop

Aloha Athletes,

This week you can choose between sunny, dry, and fun Peacock Flats or running a H.U.R.T. loop on probably wet and muddy trails.

If you want to go to Peacock, you know the drill--review the last few weeks training post--plan on meeting at the parking area at 5:50 a.m. for a 6:00 a.m. Start. Mike has posted some nice mileage and elevation info and created some good discussion. Take your GPS and go check it out.

The second option is a H.U.R.T. loop starting at Paradise. We park in the back along Manoa road before it narrows going up to Paradise Park. Let's meet at 5:50 a.m. and start at 6:00 a.m.  We will do at least one 20 mile loop and maybe a bit more.

One fun third option for those who just can't get enough--go to Peacock and do a loop up there, drive to town and do a H.U.R.T. loop!! Just joking--I think.

Remember, it's all good training!


The Peacock Basics (Revised)

I'm assembling the basic stats on the Peacock run and am seeking the help of some of the techie gadget people. Here is what I have:


                       The Revised Estimates for Peacock






Δ Net


Δ Gross


The Kealia Trail






Kealia Fire Road:






Kuaokala Access Road (West)






The Kuaokala Trail






Down The Long Cross Over






Down Long Road






Up Long Road






Up the Long Cross Over






Down Kealia Fire Road






Down Kealia Trail










1. Parking to Picnic Bench

2. Picnic to Three-way

3. Three-way to The Kuaokala Trailhead

4. Trailhead to stash

5. Stash to Peacock Gate

6. Gate to Road

7. Road to Gate

8. Gate to stash

9. Stash to Picnic Table

10. Table to Parking Lot

These are the revised numbers based on input.  If you have a gps I would appreciate your input. I have supplied a blank chart that you can carry along and fill in. (what great fun!!) 

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Volcano runs nixed


Volcano runs nixed


After 26 years, the Kilauea Volcano Runs have run their course.

Volcano Art Center and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park announced Friday that the 2008 races, which were held in July of this year, would be the final edition of the annual event.

Officials from the art center and park said in a joint statement that the necessity and appropriateness of the three races - a 26.2-mile marathon, 10-mile rim run and 5-mile caldera run - being held within the national park have been under discussion between the two agencies for the past several years.

Art center officials declined comment on the situation and park officers did not return phone messages left at their offices Friday afternoon.

"I’m disappointed to see it going," race director Wayne Joseph said. "Runners around the world wanted to join in. It was a wonderful event."

The event, conducted under a federal special use permit, required strict compliance to ensure protection of the park’s natural and cultural resources and adherence to national park policy and law, and wilderness regulations.

The summit eruption of Halemaumau Crater that began in March 2008 nearly forced the cancellation of the race this year, but park officials and race organizers worked together to reroute the marathon and 10-mile course to avoid the volcanic fumes and fallout. Sulfur dioxide gas and ash from the ongoing eruption continues to inundate several miles of the former race routes.

"It’s sad they decided it was no longer suitable for the national park," Joseph said.

The Kilauea Volcano Runs celebrated its 26th year in 2008. The races often attracted upward of 1,000 runners, and proceeds from the event benefitted the Volcano Art Center.

It’s unclear at this time how the center will be make up for the loss in funding.

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Xterra Trail Run-December 7.

Aloha Athletes,

We are lucky living here on Oahu that the World Championship for Xterra Trail Running will be held at Kualoa Ranch on December 7th.

This will be a world class event with runners from around the world competing for the $10,000 in prize money . The distance is a half marathon and registration is just $35.

I looked through the registration list of entrants this morning and saw quite a few familiar names but not all that many. In fact, I think about 135 runners were listed. Space is still available however I would encourage you to sign-up for the race soon and get out there and run.

Registration can be done here.

There are also 10K and 5K runs the same day.

It will be fun and you know it will be muddy!!


CHANGE: Friday Night Training 9/26/08: 50Kish

Family is really sick, so I need to help at home.  Good luck to those that make it out.  I'll run my 30 miles Sat or Sun.

Where: Departing from Nature Center

Parking: Below at the Makiki Heights Pumping Station

When: Hope to walk up to the Nature Center around 5:30pm

Route: Plan to do a HURT loop plus an extra repeat on the backside

Stash: I'll check on the Nuuanu box for any refills, so plan to endure until Nuuanu

Duration: Should finish around 3AM, so bring some electrolytes and those flashlight thingies

Why: Can't answer that one

Another night run brought to you by Captain Sibley.

Saturday Training 9/27/08: Same, Repeat, Replicate, Do Over, Identical

Aloha Athletes,

Yep, back to Peacock Flats again says the Trail Queen. Don't shoot me, I am just the messenger. Something about loving the training area and a 54 mile race coming up??? :-)

You know the drill, however for any new runners:

Starting time: 6:00 am. Be there at 5:50 a.m.

Same location: the parking lot behind Dillingham airfield control tower. There might be a couple of options: 22 miles and 27 miles. You can always do much less by just retracing  your route to the cars. Water will probably be stashed at 2 locations, but please plan to carry plenty of water and also snacks and electrolytes.

If anyone wants to run in town (or anywhere else), Friday evening or Saturday, feel free to post it up here.

Get out an run!!

Saturday 9/20 HURT Loop

A few of us are staying on this side for a loop.

Depart Nature Center at 5:31am after walk up from the Pumping Station. Running with packs so no drop dude.

Too early?  Meet us at Paradise Park at 7:29am where another runner will be waiting to hop onto the trail.

Still too early?  Join us at Nuuanu at 9:03am (and bring some iced coffee).

Too far? Meet us at the top of Center Trail at 10:38am to run back into Nature Center.

This fun run is being brought to you by Captain Sibley.

Plain 100 Race Report by Larry Inouye

Race Report – Plain 2008

Plain is, as they say, is “Just Plain Tough.”  There is no other way to describe it. 

The website says “There are 75 miles of trail and 25 miles of forest service roads, all remote. Elevation gain and loss of 21,000 feet. Train for a fairly steep and difficult course with great scenery.”

Beware, only the last statement is true.  I’ve heard that the actual course distance is between 106 and 112 miles, depending who you talk to.  And a highly reliable source who has attended all of the Plain races indicated that the real elevation gain and loss is estimated to be around 26,000 feet.  (One of the runners had an Avocet altimeter and we are trying to contact him to see what was actually recorded.)

The course is a never-ending series of climbs and descent with very few flat areas.  Just when you think you have a momentary respite, you start climbing all the way to the top or descending all the way down to the bottom.  The climbs and descents seem to go on endlessly; there never seems to a half-assed climb or descent in which you can cruise on level ground midway somewhere on the mountain.  It’s all or nothing and there aren’t many “nothings” on this course. The trails vary from clean dirt trails to deep dirt “powder” (from motorcycles) to highly technical sections covered with very sharp edged granite rocks and boulders.  Yes, I rolled an ankle, fell down and cut my legs, but that’s about par for me so I’m used to it.

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Ed Bugarin back from Trans Rockies

Ed Bugarin stopped by this morning to talk a bit about his and Carol's recent experience at the Gore-Tex Transrockies Run.  First, he said--it's not a cheap run--something about a $2500 entry fee. However then he went on to describe the first class treatment they got every day from clean hot showers and bathrooms to great food and I began to understand why they charge what they do. It sounds like a great experience. If you get a chance, ask Ed to tell you about it.