Saturday 9/20 HURT Loop
CHANGE: Friday Night Training 9/26/08: 50Kish

Saturday Training 9/27/08: Same, Repeat, Replicate, Do Over, Identical

Aloha Athletes,

Yep, back to Peacock Flats again says the Trail Queen. Don't shoot me, I am just the messenger. Something about loving the training area and a 54 mile race coming up??? :-)

You know the drill, however for any new runners:

Starting time: 6:00 am. Be there at 5:50 a.m.

Same location: the parking lot behind Dillingham airfield control tower. There might be a couple of options: 22 miles and 27 miles. You can always do much less by just retracing  your route to the cars. Water will probably be stashed at 2 locations, but please plan to carry plenty of water and also snacks and electrolytes.

If anyone wants to run in town (or anywhere else), Friday evening or Saturday, feel free to post it up here.

Get out an run!!


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Have a great B-day run. I won't be there gotta do my long ride and then a run on Sunday. I wish you all the best out there.

Mike Minch

Quite funny, Dan. Particularly, as unlike others....It was almost all true and not based on some trailside delusion.

And Rex, Actually you said both. I was there at the end of the run when you not only told Dan he smellied like shi*t. "Mike, you are going to ride home with him in the same car?? but also "Dan, you know you really do look like sh*t. I think you also dumped on him for sweating like a pig, and looking like a wolf. Dan was too tired and relieved to be off that hill to give a damn what you were saying.

steve, you add another dimension to the Saturday run. Though like always you guys will be in your cars and gone by the time most everybody else gets to the end of line. Perhaps the extra distance will allow the tortises among us to catch the hares. A Happy birthday never-the-less. And look forward to at least saying so on the the quick fly-byes you guys do.

Steve Villiger

I'm turning 46 this week. So me, Sean Price, John Robb (and hopefully Steve Dewalt and Gorden too) will be doing 46 miles. We're going to do the 27 mile course (which always seems to measure 28 miles on my GPS). And then we'll turn around and go back up and do the course until we get back down to Farrington Hwy. Then we'll run the road back to the airport. Should be 46 or 47. Yikes!!


I nominate that as funniest post of the year.


Dan, I didn't say you look like sh*t I said you smell like sh*t. There is a differance.

Bob Mc.

Dan, great comments. One of the best!! Provided fun humor to another group of athletes I know as I read it off my Blackberry to them out loud. And Rex, thanks for providing Dan with the motivation and material to write so creatively. Hey Dan, you should try pushing a damn bike up the paved road. It's not any easier. The downhills are real fun though!!


If it doesn't rain this week, there may still be a slippery spot about halfway up the switchbacks from the glider port as a result of last week's fun run. I recommend Rex as a coach because he is a great motivator - really cheered me up when he said he truly wished he was able to vomit like me. He built me up to this point by telling me many times earlier during the run that "it really sucks to feel that bad, doesn't it?" Other motivational phrases he employed on me were, "you look like sh*t, I feel great;" "You are really dragging, but I conquered Tantalus twice this week and I am going strong;" "I swam three times this week, lost weight, and got stronger;" and then a variety on a theme such as "you're overheating;" "you're the only guy that sweats more than I do, it's amazing;" "your heart rate is too high;" "you're breathing too hard;" "damn, you're hairy, like Wolfen," and "are there any physical fitness requirements to be in the Navy? Just asking" - I love that guy. Cheers, Dan


I will be running Peacock on Sunday starting hopefully at 0600 and doing 32 miles. If anyone wants to join in on the fun e-mail or call me.

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