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September 30, 2008


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Or, if you want to run Peacock on Sunday I am planning on a loop plus another singletrack loop then back down to the car. It will be about 35 miles. It is three weeks until Peacock 54 so this is my last LONG run so it will be slow. So if you are in for a SLOW run come join in the fun. I will start at 0600 behind the control tower. Please call me if you can make it.

Paul Sibley

Or, if you have family constraints on Sat, join me (Paul) Friday night leaving Nature Center around 5:30pm. Planning for a 30 miler. Should be wet and fun! 497-3911


or,,,if you're really bored,,,ask Steve & Gil if you can train with them...
Friday--6m swim
Sat --100+ m bike
Sun -- 20+ m run

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