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September 29, 2008


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Bob Mc.

Mike, do you have a measure for the parking lot to the paved access road? I am talking about leaving the parking area and heading through the airport and then exiting onto Farrington Hwy and heading down to the paved access road. We've been biking it from the parking area as described above, up paved access road, across the top-Kuaokala Road to Kealia Fire Road and down the switchbacks to my truck at 13.8.


I've never made note of the specific elevation gain/loss for each section, but I get a net 9K gain.

I've been running up there for years and have consistently come up with just over 28 miles for a full loop, but that is starting at the parking lot. It's a 1/4 mile from the parking to the trail head. (green fence line).
Your point to point distances look pretty accurate. I come up with a few tenths difference here and there, but it really depends on where your start and end points are.

Top loop: (Top of Kealia, head toward domes, single track to water stash and back to top of Kealia): 6.5
Long road.
-- Yellow gate at Farrington Hwy to yellow gate at campground: 3.6 miles.
-- Yellow gate at Farrington Hwy to trail head (Kuaokala) 4.0 miles.
-- Yellow gate at Farrington Hwy to top of road. (old nike base) 4.85

I'll be out there this weekend, so I'll make a point to try to verify some of these sections.

Bob Mc.

Mike, those distances all look pretty accurate from what I remember. I have it written down somewhere. I've never done the elevation so that is good info. Thanks! Aloha, Bob


Actually, looking at my graph again I get a total of 10,382 ft of ascent and 10,276 ft of descent. sorry about the double post.


Thats what I get, also. See you out there.

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