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September 27, 2008


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You like do more than sit on your okole and moan here is what to do. I no gonna write the buggah for you. better that way as she only going to be all huhu with just me.

Who to Write:

Superintendent Cindy Orlando
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
P.O. Box 52
Hawaii National Park, Hawaii 96718-0052

Phone: (808) 985-6000
FAX: (808) 985-6004

Background: 30 plus years of Park Service. This is likely her final posting. Came to Volcano in 2005, so she has been around for a while. Not sure what tipped the boat. Like the other articles have said the Kapuna have been on her about things.

She is a local girl from Wahiawa, Leilehua High School in Wahiawa and the University of Hawaii in Honolulu. Mainland Anthropology degree. She is coming out of Washinton DC so likely highly politicized. ‘Likes a good fight.” Very strong in her views, but seems to be a negotiator. Lets let her know there are some people who want to negotiate.

Her greatest concerns with the park are Cultural Sensitivity, and invasive species.

Interviews and background websites:



Possible Questions to addresss:

1. Cultural sensitivity and rights to express ones owns beliefs (we care, we respect, why can we not run?)
2. Invasive species awareness and what we can do to limit that.
3. cultural sites……I don’t know you have ever seen one out there? But if we did we would respect it.
4. Constitutional right to self expression.


No Brah. It was Liholiho, and it was at Lahaina that this occurred. Ka'ahumanu was there too. The chiefs statement to the priestess was that her message of threatened vengeance by Pele was a 'falsehood'. They took her stuff and told her to go home and plant taro. Then later Kapiolani, the wife of Naihe, went to the volcano and made it clear she believed in Christian ways over the old ones. She did this with respect for Pele but without fear. (Journal of William Ellis pages 257-259... and can find other referances as well but no time...)

Some people get big heads now days and forget what their betters once told them, I think.

Mike Minch

I believe it was King Kalakaua who sent the last priestess of Pele packing when she came threatening him and his family. She was run out of the village to the cheers of the Hawaiians who lived there and were fed up with her spiritual blackmail. It is a shame that powers-that-be today don't have the kalalas of Hawaii's royal lines.

Hawaiians adopted Christianity and threw over the old gods almost 200 years ago. It happened in a matter of days, which speaks to their desire to end the oppressive nature of the old religion.

Respect for Pele and love for the volcano have nothing to do with conforming to the narrow minded concepts of a few revisionist racist Hawaiians. The majority of the Hawaiian people, and people of Hawaii, are open minded and accepting of anything that respects and pays tribute to the aina.

It is a shame that those setting the rules are either too stupid to read history, or gutless to resist the local fascist imperialists to draw the line on withholding public lands from use by the public.

Bob Mc.

Wow, can't wait to see more comments on this story. Hope they can come up with an alternative route as described in the linked article.


In this article, Wayne "Big Dog" Joseph explains the real reason why the runs were eliminated:

Apparently, private land outside the park is less sacred?!?!




I am so sad to see the runs go away. The Volcano marathon was my first marathon in 2001 and I will also remember this past years race as being one of my most memorable runs ever, with the eruption taking place. I always looked forward to July. I am also sad for the people who didn't get an opportunity to run either of the three runs. I give thanks to Big Dog for putting on such wonderful runs. I hope they can get the funds for the art center some other way. Jah Bless.

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