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October 27, 2008


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Why do I always miss the best events? Sounds like a lot of fun was had by all...

Hope you've all dried out by now!

Aloha from Europe,



I have to agree with Don. I saw everyone come through my aid station the first time and thought to myself "I may be able to just leave since no one would even think about doing a second loop with mud up around mid-calf level." And I may have left, if my truck wasn't stuck in the mud (Thankfully one of those monster Jeeps came by and winched--not wenched--me out.) But then I thought--you know, that guy Mike Muench may just be crazy enough to tough this out--maybe I'll stick around just in case.
The next thing I know here comes Mr. Army Strong himself, Ben Cavazos! I was so surprised at how fast he had come back that I really didn't have anything ready! I had to hurry up and get everything set up because low and behold, a few minutes later more people were slip sliding down the hill toward me. Every time someone would go by, I would jump in my truck (with the heater on full blast), and thank God that I wasn't one of those poor souls running in this muck. Then, not more than 10-15 minutes would go by and MORE people would come down. I simply cannot believe how many people actually made it to the second loop!
To all of you who ran up there this weekend, I must say that I'm in awe.
And for Gordon: I'm sure you planned for the rain well in advance, and you might have fooled some people pretending how dissapointed you were with the weather--but I gotta say, you certainly planned a perfect day of training for HURT.
Next year I'll probably be running in this one, so I'd appreciate it if you could schedule it on an overcast day, around 70 degrees or so, Okay?

Paul Sibley

Awesome! I wish I was there, but important family matters arose at a much higher priority in life. So, I dreamed of a little rain for everyone in my absence. I hope you got some of that rain. Maybe it was a nightmare, so sorry if I sent over a little too much. Next year!!!

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