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Saturday Training 11-1-08 "Manoa/Jackass Repeats"

Aloha Athletes !

The 2008 Peacock 54 is now history and it's time to get back to the HURT 100 course, with only 2 months of training left. Due to parking security concerns, one of our most popular HURT 100 training routes is the Manoa to Jackass repeats. This Saturday we will meet at the end of Manoa Rd. at 5:50 am for a prompt 6:00 am start. There should be ample stash at the Jackass stash spot, but as always, bring enough water to sustain yourself. Do as many repeats as you like. The crowd may be smaller than normal, as many of our regulars are recovering from last Saturday's ordeal...uh, I mean last Saturday's race. Have fun !  Don

2008 H.U.R.T. Trail Series Ends in Epic Conditions

Congratulations to all the runners, volunteers, and race directors in the first Peacock 54.
Wow, is all I can say. I have included photos from Gordon here. The full results can be seen here.

Amazing efforts by all in what looks like incredible weather and conditions.

The 2008 H.U.R.T. Trail series finished out a very successful season. Now it is time to focus on the H.U.R.T. 100 in January and to start thinking about 2009 races.

My apologies for the late posting of this, as many of you know I was on Maui and was without WiFi. On an island called Maui--where it was very dry compared to Oahu, another race or two took place this weekend. More details and photos of that event to come.

Strong efforts runners. I hope you are proud of your efforts.



P.S. Gordon has someone's drop bag. It is a blue bag with some power bars, belt and a headlamp. Contact Gordon if you are missing one.

Absolutely No Question of Toughness

Aloha Athletes !

I'm sure by now that all of you have already read both Mike and Devon's race reports and hopefully understand how very tough the race conditions were on Saturday's Peacock 54, but even after all that, I still have doubts that you understand how tough it was to finish the damn thing. Rex called it the running equivalent of the Roughwater swim in '03, when so many of the swimmers had to be rescued. I was in awe as I watched runner after runner come into the aid station at the bottom of long road...most smiling...and head back out. I was starting to question their sanity. An amazing 17 runners finished ! My hat is off to all, especially to the select few that tackled this race as a PR for distance....and finished ! Wow ! What were you guys (and gal) thinking?

My hat is also off to the many very tough volunteers that helped make this race a success and braved some unpleasant weather in the process. First, what can I say that hasn't already been said about Gordon Lau. Gordon took this new baby under his wing and nurtured it into a fantastic race. And to think that this was his first effort as a race director. Thanks Gordon. Larry Inouye stepped up to the plate and was invaluable on the permitting side. Rob Lahoe volunteered for the tough job of providing a make-shift aid station on top of the mountain, which turned out to be a challenge under the conditions. As always, Cheryl "Catra" Loomis was in the thick of things from the start to the finish, providing invaluable help, plus giving all of us some great laughs with her Catra costume. Then there was Clem and Wah who worked their butts off from start to finish. No HURT event would ever be complete without the hard work and care from Mr. & Mrs. HURT, John and PJ Salmonson. Thanks so much !

So many other volunteers need mentioning, as they all were invaluable in making the race a success. Vanessa Huff brought 6 pizzas for the finishers and volunteers (watch out Pizza Pete); Ernest not only helped out but also loaned Huddy his light; Fish helped out in addition to pacing Marian: then there was Heather, Lola and Karen who did all they could to support the runners and the race. It was fun having friends stop by and visit...among those were Dorothy, Jet and Zachary Inouye...Pizza Pete and Arturs. Also, thanks goes to Karl Meltzer for motivating and training Devon. Karl, looking forward to seeing you at the HURT 100 in January. Also, thanks to my buddy Mike Muench for the distance and elevation charts which lifted several eyebrows. A big mahalo to all !

If I've missed anyone, and I probably have, please forgive me. Congratulations again to all the V-E-R-Y tough runners that participated in the first addition of the Peacock 54. I'm in awe !  Don

Peacock 54: Devon's Back

Well my day started at 0100 after not being able to sleep.  I drank about 6 cups of coffee and gorged on some food.  My wife and kids drove me to the start and we got there at 0500.  After helping set up I payed my $10 entry fee, went to the bathroom, and then the trail briefing.  Don said 20 seconds and I ran to my wife threw her my HURT shirt, turned on my flashlight and headed up the muddy trail at the back of the pack.  It rained and rained and rained.  I was hoping Rob was okay driving to the three way.  He ended up being at the end of Kuaokala road.  Thanks Rob it was great having you around.  On the way I slipped while trying to negotiate on of he many switchbacks on the road.  I slammed hard but bounced right back up, looked around to see if I owed anyone beer and kept moving.  The singletrack was like something I remember from HURT ’02 being on the Nuuanu ridge.  The wind was howling and the rain seemed to be going sideways. 

I felt like I was on a mission and I was.  I came into this race knowing I was going to finish one way or another.  The mud was muddy, the rain poured, and the runner ran.   I saw the front runners coming up long road as I was going down.  The aid station at the bottom was phenomenal thanks Cheryl and everyone else who volunteered.  They scooted me out of there just as fast as I came in.  I went up longroad like a bat out of hell.  I must have reached the top in like 45-50 minutes.  I caught up to Frank and ran with him until the start/finish.  Jah bless my wife.  Her lovely smile was there with some dry shoes with more traction and my long sleeve collared Patagonia shirt.  My Sauconys insoles were sliding all around and bunching up.  So I put on my Montrails with some dry socks and headed out with Frank.  Thanks to PJ and John for being there and giving encouragement.  Also everyone else that was there I know I  forget names but much mahalos.  Of course it was still raining but I got to the top of the switchabcks in 30 minutes.  That was my goal.  We tried to run the road but to no avail ended up skiing on the mud or sloshing through the puddles all the way to the end of the road.  I had to put a shirt on for risk of being hypothermic.  Yes you can become hypothermic in Hawaii. 

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A Blow-out in the Mud-out. A Hawaiian god Returns.

‘Disgustingly Phenomenal’ is what I was mumbling repeatedly to the guys in the lead of yesterday’s Peacock 54.  To give you an idea of how phenomenal I am talking about, just so you don’t think I’m misusing the word—I had taken a few yard slide along the ridge trail and was washing the mud off my gear and ass at the stash, and  @  11:23 into the race  Ben Cavasos slowed to ask me if I was OK. He was on his way down the Kealia Trail at the end of his second loop. Ben finished the race in 12:02, which is beyond comprehension. I mean you cannot imagine that, and I’m not applying some superlative bs. I mean you cannot even think yourself along that trail twice in twelve hours!  That Ben did it in conditions like those existing yesterday is stunning.  And once again, I mean fall down, get dumb, and drool –STUNNING. Beyond comprehension.  You don’t know what Ben did.  You never will.  And to make this whole race totally out of the realm of anything that has ever occurred here in HURT Hawaii history is that Huddy, Jeff Huff, Maricio, Larry and Gordon ( I believe in that order---I was hurtin a bit when it when down so I’m lucky if I remember the names let alone the order)  were not that far behind.  All under 13, I believe.  Not to be outdone Marian cut her PR by two hours or some such number that seems a misprint, and Brenda came in under 16:30.

Everyone who completed the Peacock 54, and most people did, went way beyond their normal level of physical experience and training.   The entire race would have been the best race we have ever seen here by Hawaii’s own, but the conditions make it one to be talked about for decades.  When somebody tells you they ran in the ’08 Peacock 54, that  they finished, stop and listen to the tale.  They did something that will one day be a part of Hawaiian Myth and Legend.  Move over Maui, Ben is back!  

To everyone who ran, who went out there and tried yesterday.  Congratulations.  It was one for the memories!  A mildly sore Aloha,   Mikem.

Vi's Adventure Trek and Run Photos

Vis_run_group Photographer Glenn Poulain (Ocean Arts Hawaii) was out this past Saturday and took photos at Vi's Adventure Trek and Run.

From all reports, the event was very successful. It looks like everyone had a great time.

Click here to see Glenn's photos.Remember to click the first image and it will get larger to view as a slideshow.

You can see some of his amazing shots of turtles and other images here. Thanks Glenn!

Monica and Phil make it to Pairadice

Sunday saw a small group including Monica and Phil  heading out from Manoa toward Jack-ass. 

Hpim0609I was a bit late and played catchup.  It was a beautiful day and I caught a few shots on the way out.  I added a few of the group on the way back.  Also in the set are some Hogback shots at sunset. 

It was good to visit with Monica and Phil when they were not in a race.  I saw them a few times last year but it was always a few minutes along some path that we were pushing and somebody was moving on,  or at an aid station and we were pushing food into our mouths.   Good to do an easy over and back (if there ever is one of them)

Fish and I were out last night, he was late, and I managed to get the Hogsback shots before he caught me.  The rest was all push and stumble.  Enjoy.  Mike m

Peacock 54 Race this Saturday !

Date: Saturday October 25, 2008
Location: Dillingham Airfield (parking lot behind control tower)
Race start time: 6:00 am
Check-in time: 5:30 am
Gate open: 5:15 am
Race cut-off time: 12:00 midnight (18 hours duration)
Time Cut-off: (strictly enforced)
    Bottom of Long Road  Loop #2: 8:00 pm (14 hours)
Aid stations:
Intersection (combination of aid station/stash): water,    Mountain Dew, Gatorade
Bottom of Long Road: water, Mountain Dew, Gatorade, oranges, bananas, chips, cookies
Parking Lot at Dillingham Airfield: water, Mountain Dew, Gatorade, oranges, bananas, chips, cookies
Stash location:
Intersection (2 times per loop): water, Mountain Dew, Gatorade
    Minimum of 2 bottles of fluids (recommend 70 oz. minimum) Flashlight/headlight/windbreaker for 2nd loop
Drop Bag okay for bottom of long road/bring to race start
(bring to start and we will take to aid station)
Course Marking: minimal
Entry fee: $10  to be paid on race day
Awards: Top 5 finishers
Volunteers welcome ! Contact Gordon Lau  [email protected]
Rules and Regulations. IMPORTANT !!
1. All vehicles must have current license, registration, insurance and safety check. Drivers must have valid license.
2. Park in designated stalls only. CARPOOL when possible.
3.All vehicles must vacate premises by 12:30 am Sunday, October 26.
4. No alcoholic beverages allowed !
5.No walking across the runway.
6. No walking around the airplane parking area.
7.Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
8. Take your rubbish home.
9. Please keep noise down, as the airport caretaker's home is located next to the parking lot.
10. PLEASE REPORT IN (to a race official) before leaving the premises. We must account for all runners.


I have entered a special challenge and hope others will join in on the fun.  It only requires a $20 entry fee and the ability to run one mile one day, then two miles the next and so on and so forth until you quit.  50% of the proceeds go to NAMI, an organization that I believe is too often overlooked.  The other 50% goes to the charity of the winners choice.  The blog for this challenge is <http://1milechallenge.blogspot.com>.  There are only several of us from different states that are up for the challenge, but the more people who join in, the more fun it will be.  It starts Nov. 1st and the entry form can be found on the blog.  Michael Keller, an ultrarunner from Ohio, is the mastermind behind all of this.  His blog is <http://fitfromfat.blogspot.com/>.  Also, the winner gets a prize pack from a store in Ohio called Vertical Runner, <http://www.verticalrunner.com/>.  I know this is a lot of information and almost everyone is in training for something, but you don't have to be in it to win and it could benefit someone you may know.  See you Saturday. 

Jah Bless


Vi's Run is Lots of Fun

Most of the HURT Crowd was busy doing things, and there were only a few HURT runners in a large crowd of people who did run.  I was up on the hill, where I gave everyone a hard time...quite enjoyable.  My shots are mostly of the valley, sorry. for not getting more of the other stuff.  The Valley is just tremendous.  I'd love to run there sometime.  Various films have left sets behind.  There is an old hawaiian house group which I assume is a set, a dinasaur Temple, complete with painted blood, a dinasaur footprint.  Other strange things.  A heard of yearling cows.  Playful guys who were not impressed with me, but thought that Ed in his Iraqi head scarf was a real kick.  The monolith seemed authentic.  It may actually date to the pre-european era.   Here are some shots.   Much thanks to PJ and all the other race organizers.  Aloha,  MikeM.