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Solo South Loop

Sometimes, there is nothing like running solo.  No iPod, no conversation – just time to run and think about anything to pass the time.  This last Sunday, I stepped out around 5:30am for a long overdue South Loop beginning from home in Kailua.  The weather was nice and of course hardly any traffic at this time of the morning.

Heading down Kalanianaole Highway towards Waimanalo at this time was peaceful with my reflective vest and headlamp to scare any cars away.  The Country Fair was setup and McDonald’s was just beginning to wake up with employees strolling in and some raising the flag.  The smell of breakfast from that local store on the left was buzzing with bacon and spam frying.  Still a little dark down to Sea Life Park, traffic was sparse and the climb up the hill was without any challenges from speeding cars.  As I crested the top, the views grew with the sunrise as the wind began to lift slightly more.  A very peaceful way to wake up.

The next objective of the run was to make it around Hanauma Bay carefully and with my vest very brightly.  So, I cruised down the road towards Sandy’s and spotted the bathrooms off to the left.  A quick pit stop completed, I kept moving up past the beach and enjoyed the wind pushing me up the road.  The Blowhole was spraying high and a few more cars were coming to life.  Just shy of the firing range, I refueled my bottle with mix and water from my bladder, and continued towards Hawaii Kai.  This is where all the cyclists were waiting for me.  Or maybe just out for a group ride.

Down the highway, I made smart time taking in all the people doing their creative workouts and wearing their creative outfits for show.  Still feeling good, I stopped at the park for more water to carry me to the start of the Pali.  About this time, the day began to warm up degree by degree.  Luckily, the wind was still pushing me along the highway and keeping my well covered skin cool. 

Towards the end of the highway, I heard the voice of Steve Dewald saying “Get a popsicle.”  So I stopped at the store on Waialae Avenue for a popsicle, Double Shot and Nutter Butters.  I figured I could cool down with the popsicle, get cranked from the Double Shot and take on some fat for the last leg from the Nutter Butters.

Along Waialae and over to St. Louis Heights then Dole Street, I methodically made my way through UH with a few too many young ladies making fun of my outfit.  But I wasn’t worried as I left a nice smell of Double Shot sweat gassing them into a daze of blonde confusion.  I smiled and kept moving.

As I got closer to the Pali, I began to feel a little flat and the electrolytes were not enough.  I guess I needed some more Nutter Butters.  I stepped into a little store on the backside of Punchbowl and had another popsicle and a five minute recharge.  And now up then down the Pali.

The journey up the Pali was actually very quick since I could hear the Nuuanu Trail calling my name.  I gave her a wink and kept going up then over the Pali to the Lookout.

Wow, the Lookout was packed!  I didn’t have time to pose for pictures with all the bus loads of people, so I kept running to the Old Pali Road and onto the trail.  At the hairpin turn, I was feeling flat again and took my time going down into Auloa Road.  With over seven hours into the loop, I just smiled with my last few miles until some ice, Ibuprofen and food.  Maybe next time, I’ll run with another crazy person.

Paul S.


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Ah, beautiful, Paul! What's next: a triple night loop? Aloha from Marseille...


Sounds like a fun run Paul. Awesome job. Now I need a popcicle. Hope to see you Saturday;)
Jah Bless,


Popcicles are great. Teri chicken manapua is even better.
Good job.

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