Best of Luck to Gil and Steve!
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HURT Night Double - 11/28

Plan to eat a lot on Thanksgiving?  Come join me and a few others to burn off those calories.

When: Friday, 11/28 beginning at 5:00PM

Where: Meet at the Pumping Station and walk up to Nature Center to start

Plan: Two HURT loops with time on our feet as the main goal, and sleep deprivation training

Please bring out your leftover Thanksgiving goodies to share on the trail or after.

For more information, call Paul at 808-497-3911 or email


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Note: For anyone interested: Fish and I will be doing an earlier turn. 1:45 at the watertank Makiki start. Estimated 6.5 hour loop.

Paul Sibley

Aloha William. Give me a call at 497-3911 and I'm happy to talk story about getting engaged with the wonderful runs and events with HURT. Just need some shoes.

William Atkinson

Hello, to everyone...i have just discovered recently my desire to run and keep running. I saw someone in the gym with a HURT shirt and looked you up. I want to train with and be a part of your team...Please let me know what i gotta do...

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