Entrant Analysis of H.U.R.T. 100
Pahoa Flats 9:30 am-before the big rain.

One...More...Mile...Challenge Last Update

I have dropped out of the challenge.  After 20 days my stats are:

234 miles, 44,954 calories burned, and 59 hours 29 minutes ran.

The reason for my dropping out of the challenge was I woke up this morning with pain in my hamstring and knee.  I went to the doctor and they took an x-ray of my knee.  The results showed that my kneecap was a little out of place.  I am still able to run but need to take a couple days off.  I am still going to run HURT and am planning on a couple runs in December.  They gave me a knee brace to wear, some pain medicine and ibuprofen.  My doctor said that with a litlle rest I will be good to go with my race plans.  56 Days away from my ultimate goal.   Anyway thanks for the support and I will be back next year.

Jah Bless



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Well my MRI is scheduled for Saturday and then I see the orthapedist. If no surgery then it still looks good for HURT. I am praying. Thanks Dave for the comment. I guess better luck next time. There are still two guys going!! See you on trails hopefully soon:)

Dave C.

Nice job Devon. Way to hang tuff for so long. When I first looked at the challenge, I could see that it was going to get difficult starting around day 15. So, for you to continue on past that for almost another week is great. Rest, recover, and ease your way back into HURT training. See you on the trail soon!

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