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Saturday Training 12-6-08 "HURT Loop"

Some Ultraman Updates


Steve finished in 9:40. Gil about 10:30. Congratulations to both of you!! We look forward to hearing more about it.

Ultraman 032

I've heard from Cheryl a couple of times and it seems the saying, "We wouldn't want it to be easy!" certainly applies to Ultraman.

On day 1, during the swim Gil was stung by a jellyfish on his hand and had a very bad reaction. At that point, it was bad enough he almost had to drop from the race. The rest of the day went OK. Steve had a good swim and bike.

On day 2 Cheryl said it was the first time that they have not had pouring down rain as they left Volcano for Hilo. Gil had bad nosebleeds from the dry air. Had clear skies but very windy near Hamakua.

Day 3. Steve's support van broke down 7 miles into the run. Cheryl was crewing both runners. Wendy Minor came out on her bike to support as well. The last I heard, they were 24 miles into the run. Almost halfway done with the day.

Vog and not much wind sound like a factor today.

Stay tuned.  Also check out the Ultraman site for great updates and stories


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PJ & Big John

Wow!!! Steve and Gill, you make HURT proud!!It was really a tough one this year- congratulations on your perserverance.
Now all of you get some well deserved rest.


Wow...very impressive ! Even through lack of ocean currents, allergic reactions to jellyfish stings, bad nosebleeds, rain, crew van breakdowns and the usual bike mechanical problems our amazing buddies, Steve and Gil, along with their super-support-crew,
consisting of (but not limited to) Cheryl, Mauricio, Wendy, Lisa and Jacob still kicked the butt of the very tough Ultraman course. Gil now says "never again", but I say "never say never". We'll wait and see. Steve said something to the effect "I'm going to have to have the bike seat surgically removed". I refuse to comment on that. Congratulations to Steve and Gill. GREAT JOB !! Don


Congratulations on a job well done! Truth be known, there wasn't any doubt in my mind that you both would do well. Great job!

John from Planet Sun

You led the way. Inspiration to all. Thanks for the MOJO. Out of this World.


You Guys ROCK!
STEVE, this first one must be especially Sweet!

Paul Sibley

You guys trained well together, and finished as a team. Now, your crew really rocks so treat them to a nice meal! Congrats to Gil (again) and Steve. Now, HURT is around the corner:)


A true test of fortitude.
Congratulations to you both!


Excellent job!! Ultra - Gill and Ultra steve , and ULTRA well crewed support team! :)Cheryl ,wendy and others respectivly. alohas from Maui - hoppy.


Go guys! Amazing feat - on the part of the support team too!

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