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Bob Mc.

Excellent write-up Mike. I think many of us have gotten in good miles on very wet trails this year starting with those who ran the Peacock 54. We all need to be aware especially after last year that yes, hypothermia is a threat here in Hawaii. Good job to those of you who were out there. I think the marathoners had it a bit dryer this morning.

Doug J.

Glad to hear you and Judy got out of there alright. Manoa falls was something else, we couldn't believe how hard it was coming down, and the water up top by the pie stand wash rushing ever where. The ridge up to grassy knoll was really cool too with nothing but white clouds. It was fun at times, but I think it was just a matter of time before things got ugly for us. See you out there.
P.S. It was Justin that was out there me.

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