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Saturday Training: 1/3/09 Starting at Paradise

Aloha and Happy New Year!  HappyNewYear

This Saturday Cheryl says we're starting at Paradise at 6:00 a.m. Some might be doing repeats and some might do a full H.U.R.T. loop.

Time to start training for HURT I guess!! :-) Yikes, the race date is fast approaching!!

Meeting in back of Manoa Valley--same place as usual (5:50 a.m.), same details--keep it quiet early so we don't get the neighbors upset.

Be safe on New Year's Eve!

Mark Your Calendars

Calling all fun-loving, hungry, insomniac runners,,,,,,,,,,,You won't want to miss this!


WHO:      You and your sweetheart

HOW:      Gather your running gear, reflective clothing, lights, gels, magic potions, and sense of                    adventure and meet in Kaimuki by 5:45 p.m.
WHEN:    Saturday, February 14, 2009
               6:00 p.m. - Starting time

WHERE:  Meet at 1021 7th Avenue (map)

       What could be better than running 40 miles with good friends, food and fun all night                           long???

Please call Marian at 221-5171 to reserve your spot at this unique event!


Where is Lisa?


The Dewald boys celebrating the Holidays in Big Bear. The question is; Where was Lisa for the above photo? It may not look like it, but Steve is training for the H.U.R.T. 100 in this photo. No hypothermia for him this year!! Is that a beer can in Jakob's hand?

Lisa is in this photo. Not sure why she's not in the top one.


A Couple of New H.U.R.T. Runners--Congratulations!

Congrats to Doug & Trista Johnson,,,
Trista gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl.
Two new Hurt Runners!!!
All are happy and well.
now Dougie will have to really run fast at Hurt to get home to change diapers!!

From Doug
Luke, Sydney, and mom are all fine.  Luke was born 5lbs 2oz 17.5" and Sydney was born 4lbs 13oz 16.5".  Hope every one is doing well, talk later.

H.U.R.T. 100 2008 - Running the Rainforest

At the the 2008 H.U.R.T. 100 Heather Spencer (and Don Fallis) recorded much of the race via video. Heather has informed me that the video will be released in January 2009. At this time, she is not sure of the actual release date but is hoping for January 12.

I am really looking forward to seeing this video. I saw Heather's first video on Don's Badwater run and we can all anticipate another great one.

H.U.R.T. 100 Post Race Dinner Announcement


Each year, one of the highlights (especially for us) is the Monday night banquet. It gives everyone a chance to relax after a very hard weekend and tell stories, have a glass of wine (or two) and enjoy the camaraderie of the HURT experience and each other. We also have some awards and giveaways, picture sharing and try very hard to make fun of as many runners as possible.

Last year we had over 150 people attend and had a ball!  Here's the problem, as much as we like the Willows Restaurant, we've just out grown it.................last year we were squeezed in tighter than Luis Escobar's %$%#.  We looked everywhere and came up with a great solution, Mid-Pacific Country Club in Lanikai.

In order to plan properly, we need a "ballpark" count from each of you so we can order enough food. We know it's a little early, but please send us by return e-mail an approximate attendee count for planning purposes.

Here are some facts for Mid Pacific............
Address 266 Ka'elepulu Drive, Kailua, Hawaii 96734 (808-262-8161).
Location, the windward side of the Island (about 20-25 minutes from  Waikiki or Honolulu. We will have specific directions available at Friday's  check in (or click here for a map and directions).
Plenty of FREE parking!
Cost is $40.00 (about $5-6 cheaper than last year). Children under 4 free,  children 4-11 $20.00.  Please pay at the door, cash or check only (no  credit cards).
Unlike last year, we will have wait service available for no-host  cocktails, wine or beer (at a more reasonable cost than last year).
We will be using their ballroom, a beautiful large room that seats 220,  with large windows and magnificent ocean and mountain views.
Seating will be tables of six with tons of room!
Time 5:30 (so you can catch the sunset) and the buffet will start about  6:30.
After you park, please use the main (right side) entrance of the club.
This is a fun event, please come.
PJ, Jeff & John

Trevor 160 Report

If you never dare to dream, you never really live. 


For me, I am very pleased with the outcome of the event despite not completing the distance goal.  The awareness and support for Trevor was the main goal, and for that I cannot be happier.  Ultimately, I had to withdraw after some health problems presented themselves and this was the right, but difficult decision.  Ironically and to keep things in perspective, while attempting to run around the island, Trevor was admitted to the hospital with treatment complications.  And as he recovered and was released, I will also recover to continue to support as I can.

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Saturday Training 12--20-08 "Cheryl Sez"

Aloha Athletes !

What do you do the week after an unbelievably tough, rain-soaked-50-mile-training run? Well, Cheryl Sez "let's repeat last weeks training run, so the one's that missed it last week can get their 50 in". Hummmmm???? Okay. Sounds logical to me.

So, whether you need to get in your 50 mile training run for the HURT 100, or you just need to log some miles, be at the usual end-of-Manoa-Rd. parking area just before 5:00 am for a prompt 5:00 am start. Limited stash will be at our Jackass stash location and we'll see if we can get Mike to stash some water at the Nature Center to bypass the agonizingly slow water fountain. In any case, please bring plenty of water for yourself or plan to take a break at the fountain.  Don

Speed Racer....and the cliff at the side of the trail.

This is a comment that is not based on any particular runner’s experiences, and is not directed at anyone.  It is a general lamentation based on some observations I have had over the past years and meant as a point of contemplation for all of us as we continue to meet the challenge of our ultra running ambitions.


There are some simple anatomical facts that many people do not seem to understand. The first is that muscle tissue is compliant. Muscles are relatively responsive to our demands and will grow, or shrink as need be over a matter of months.  They are ‘red’ tissue, which is highly nourished by rich blood supply. 


Tendons and Ligaments, and even Cartlidge are less responsive.  They are a ‘white’ tissue, which receives much less blood supply and they are very delayed in their response to increasing demands.  One of my professors of Physiology commented that tendons and ligament take as much as three to five times longer to respond to changing demands, and lag behind at increasing rates during rapid muscle growth.


Bones are not static but are indeed organic and responsive to physical demand.  Bones take even longer to respond to changed demand.  Increased demand will increase density and broaden attachment points for growing ligaments and tendons. Increased area for cartlidge is also possible.  Cartlidge is not regenerating but may, over the years, form broader firmer bases to support increased activity and stress. 

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If we had a boat, we would still have been bailing....

It was a great day on the trails on Saturday and there were about a dozen people out despite the pending Marathon.  Conditions were a bit muddy in places, and Pauoa was a snake filled pool, but it was a bit cool with the cloud cover and everyone was making time.  But things slowly began to fall apart through the day as one after another of the runners had to drop for various reasons.  It was only the stalwart rabbits like Maricio and Larry who seemed to be getting done what they set out to do.  The rest of us pushed on as the winds on the ridges began to chill sweat soaked bodies and the skies grew steely and darkened.   At 2:00 PM it was twilight and almost dark enough to haul out the lights again. An unsettling quiet crept in with the clouds that hugged the high ground. 

I was running with Judy Carlucci and we were making good time, sticking to our 6.5 loop times. We were only held up by that sick water fountain at the nature center.  Need to establish a water drop down there if that is what we got for water.   So we finished our Trek loop and finished our HURT loop and were pleasantly surprised to find Cheryl waiting for us at the Paradise Gate.  She popped the trunk and we huddled under it to eat and suddenly the skies tired of their threats and just let loose in an awfull display downpour that turned the road into a river.  We huddled there, eating and fixing gear as tourists stumbled out of the trail-head, soaked and stunned by the deluge.  

It was there that we learned of Paul's problems. Great try Paul!  An inspiration and a great achievement just as it is.  Hope you are well and recovered.  

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Paul Sibley's 160 Mile Cancer Awareness Run

Aloha Athletes !

In a couple of hours (10:00 am) Paul Sibley will be starting from Aloha Tower on an epic run for cancer awareness to honor a young boy from Louisiana stricken with cancer.  Paul's run starts with a 135 mile, around Oahu, Perimeter run and with only a few hours rest, will finish with him doing the Honolulu Marathon with the 25,000 or so Honolulu Marathoners. Paul's run is called the Trevor 160 Challenge. This is very exciting for me, as Paul is not only a good friend but is also a cancer survivor. Go Paul !  Don 

Saturday Training 12-13-08 50 Miles of HURT

Aloha Athletes !

Well, the title of this Saturday's training "50 Miles of HURT" was certainly appropriate. Since I won't be there, I had to chuckle. But, with only 5 weeks from this Saturday until the conch shell blows, this will likely be your last big training run before the HURT 100. So, here's the scoop...be at the end of Manoa Rd. at 4:50 am for a prompt 5:00 am start and don't stop until you've done two 20 mile HURT loops, with a 10 mile reverse Trek loop sandwiched in between. The real fast guys will do this in 10+ hours, but us turtles will take closer to 15 hours...ooooh to be fast ! Cheryl will make sure that there's plenty of water at the Jackass stash spot, but make sure to bring everything you need, including lighting, as it will be dark some of the time. If you can't do the whole thing, just do what you can.  Hey, you are nearly there !  Have fun !  Don