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December 15, 2008


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Bailed after 2

You sound familiar, Devils. We have met before, and more than once you prevailed... We'll have some sympathy for you then - as well as courtesy and taste.

No doubt we shall meet again on Race Day - but surrender we shall not!

See you on ... lap 3?


---Devils identify yourselves???? My, my, how demanding. One would have thought that one with as much regard for others as you claim to have would be much more polite about it. You should be ashamed of yourself. However I will identify myself and my companions, as you demand.

The first goes by the handle ‘Wisdom’ and never fails to ask the question ‘Aren’t there better things to be doing at a time like this? Or isn’t this very dangerous to be out here in the rain and dark?’ when meeting a runner on the trail. If pushed my bud Wizzy can come up with a personal list of more important and saner things to be engaging in. Wizzy loves to talk people into bailing because they really do have better and more important things to do.

My other companion is ‘Well Being’, a jaundiced looking fellow whose favorite prat fall is to stumble onto the trail looking like he died a day or two ago, and collapse at a runner’s feet. If a runner is fool enough to stop and try and help him, Welly fills him with stories of how running did him in. All those possible injuries that might occur in a year, or shorten your life by a few moments, can become major crisis. Welly likes to assure runners that average muscle pain like he was feeling just a few days ago is not reason to believe one will drop dead, just like him. …. Welly enjoys convincing runners they have a limp where none really exists.

Finally there is myself, Conscience. Call me ‘Da Con’. I often run with runners for a few hours, wheedling myself into their confidence. Then I start asking questions about family, friends, business, and personal beliefs. My special favorite is getting runners to bail on the claim that they are going home to care for their needy family….when all along their spouse is just thankful they are out of the way for a day or so, while and the kids are happy the family bitch isn’t around to tell them to turn down the TV or not let them watch that extra DVD.

We devils all like the trails this time of year and hope to meet each and every one of you out there on the HURT course. Maybe we can meet up on Race day! Wouldn’t that be fun!!! Looking forward to it.

Wisdom, Well Being, and Conscience.

wuss, loser, wimp (quit after 2)

Who are you, Devils - identify yourselves!


People out on the trails all night long....no excuse to stay home and go to sleep.

regards, The Devils of Lap 3.

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