Mauanawili Out & Back 22-Mile and Relay


Run with the Pigs

What:  22-mile solo or 2-person relay out and back on single-track trail through beautiful forest on the windward side of Oahu.

  Saturday, August 2, 2008 starting at 7:00 a.m. Please arrive by 6:30 a.m. to register and pay.

Where: The Nuuanu-Pali Lookout (Click here for info or here for a map)

What to Bring:
 $10.00 for your entry fee (show up/sign up).  Fluids are mandatory!  There are 11 hot miles between aid stations.  An average time to run those 11 miles is 2 ½ hours.  You must carry fluids with you – at least 40 oz. is recommended each direction.  Sunscreen, electrolytes, gels, and pig repellant might also be helpful.

Who to Contact:
  Marian Yasuda (221-5171)  or via e-mail.

  If you are looking for a teammate for a relay, post a comment to this blog (click below on “comments”) and provide your contact information and any preferences (non-smoking, tall, dark, handsome, pet lover, etc.) you may have for potential running partners. 

Kaena Point Firecracker Photos and Results

Thank you to all the runners who cameRunners_hi_ohana_at_hurt_kaena_pt_1 and ran the Kaena Point Firecracker 10 Miler on Saturday. We had 112 runners which is a record turnout for this race. Conditions were perfect as we had beautiful weather. I asked at the start of the race for runners to raise their hands if this was their first time running the race and probably close to 80% of the runners raised their hands.

Many runners brought a dish to share and we had ono grinds for the post-race potluck.

A big Mahalo to Joel and Steph Jenkins for their aid station!!


The Runner's HI Ohana was out in full force and we appreciate their enthusiastic support. Click the photos to enlarge them.

This race also had a record number of female finishers at 41.

You can see all the results here. I also posted lots of photos here. Thanks to Cheryl for many of these. She biked out onto the course. If you have other photos, contact me or stop by and see me at the Planet Sun kiosk in the lobby of the Navy Exchange and I can upload them to my laptop.

Watch very soon for information about the next H.U.R.T. Trail Series race, the Maunawili Out and Back. Race date is August 2. Put it on your calendar now!


Kaena Point Firecracker 10 Mile Race: Saturday July 5, 2008 7:00 a.m.

Aloha Athletes,

The Big Bang is Here!!Firecracker Saturday, is the Kaena Point Firecracker 10 Mile Race.  This is always a popular race in the trail series and typically draws a big crowd from visiting fast road runners to dedicated trail runners and even those who just want a chance to hike Kaena Point.

As with all of our trail races, entry is just $10 and we ask that you show up 30 minutes prior to race start or by 6:30 a.m. There is no pre-registration. More details including driving instructions to the start can be found here.

Barbi and I checked out the course this past Sunday and it is in excellent shape. The washout plank is gone and there is a new trail cut above the old washout. Experienced runners will have to look for this trail before getting to the washout--it's about 100 yards before the actual washout.

Remember, we always hang out a bit afterwards and have a potluck so bring something to share, a beach chair, your sunscreen and hat. There is a place where runners typically cool off in the ocean too.

See you bright and early on Saturday!

Bob and Barbi

P.S. No bathrooms available at start/finish and at Mokuleia Beach Park, porta potties only. Plan accordingly.

Kaena Point Firecracker 10 Mile Trail Race: July 5, 2008 7:00 a.m.


The next race in the H.U.R.T. Trail Series is the Kaena Point Firecracker 10 mile race. This race is a fast, flat, out and back course that parallels the ocean along jeep trails and an old sugar cane rail line.

The race starts at 7:00 a.m. on July 5.

The course is typically hot on the way out, shady along the Waianae side and there is usually a very nice in-your-face breeze along the return. The route is so simple that we will not even be marking the course. Keep the ocean on your right side on the way out and keep the ocean on your left side on your return. (Richard Senelly gets the prize for reading the details!)

As with all of our trail races, there is no pre-registration, just show up at least 30 minutes prior to the race start, pay the $10 entry fee and you are all set.

We plan to have a little potluck after the race, so bring a dish to share, a beach chair, and sunscreen.

The route goes from the end of the pavement past Dillingham Airfield and Camp Erdman, to where the pavement begins again on the Waianae coast side of Kaena Point. We will have an aid station set up at the turnaround, however we encourage all runners to carry adequate water (at least one 20 ounce bottle) during the run. It is hot out there and there is not much shade. Don't forget a hat and sunscreen.

Click here to see 2007 results. Click here to see photos from the start finish in 2007. Nick Kaiser's wife Pel took these awesome photos in 2007 out on the course.

If you need driving instructions, click here for general instructions from the Honolulu Airport area. Drive to the end of the paved road. There are no bathrooms at the start/finish. Plan accordingly.

Aloha, Bob and Barbi

Some More Mango Madness Photos

Rex stopped by this morning with some more photos from Mango Madness. Unfortunately he was using a borrowed camera and many shots were very blurry. I think there are many you will enjoy looking at though.

Thanks again to all the runners who came out. I know we had a very good mix of newbies and H.U.R.T. veterans. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

Click here to see the photos.

Mango Madness Results and More (UPDATED RESULTS)

I've updated the results. My apologies for those runners originally left off. They were on the Excel spreadsheet but were getting lost in the conversion to pdf. (???) The link is updated below in the text.

What can you say when you have this guy as one of the co-race directors?

At least Don's Team was out in force!! It was great to see Don. You can follow along with Don's epic adventure with cancer over at his site by clicking here.

Img_0528I heard there were some choices on the Mango Madness routes that some runners ran. (?) Apparently Course Marshal's (were they official?) directed some of the fast rabbit's on a slightly longer course.

Apparently some runners chose slightly longer routes on their own due to either not knowing the course route or lack of marking tape. This is unclear to me at this time.

The trails were in excellent shape. There was a really nice, new boardwalk installed by Aaron and his crew! Thanks guys!!

I've got the results from Big John and you can see them (Updated File) here. We've got some fast people coming out these days.

Cheryl got me her photos that you can see here. I know Rex and others took some too.

Thanks Mike and Pete for putting on a "Mad" race.

The next trail series race is the Kaena Point Firecracker 10 mile on July 5. Put it on your calendar and plan on running this one. It will be a blast!!

Mango Madness Run Saturday 7:00 AM

Due to a dearth of mangos the Mango Madness has been rescheduled to this Saturday, June 14, 2008. We have also changed the site of this event, and will now start at the Triangle Park, aka Water Tank Park at the junction of Makiki Heights Drive and Makiki Street. Please disregard our past directions to the event as they will get you there all the same. In order to get everyone back to the finish about the same time we are asking faster runners to show up for an early start at (7:00 A.M.) Slower runners can show up at the start line  later (7:01 AM.)   

Pizza Pete took the time to run the trails just yesterday and provides the following report

The sun was shining on the trails
Shining with all his might:
He did his very best to make
The valleys deep and bright—
And this was odd, because it was
The middle of the night.

The streams were wet as wet could be,
The trails  were dry as dry.
You could not see a cloud, because
No cloud was in the sky:
No racers passed by in the sun 
There were no racers out to run ….

…..Thanks Pete…..

So we are ready, hope you are ready, according to Pete the trails seem ready. Come on out and have a good time!!!



Mango Madness Preview

Time:  Saturday June 7, 6:30 AM (start)

Place: Water Tank/Triangle Park at Makiki Heights Drive and Round Top Drive

Course:  Mango Madness Course + Reverse Trek and Trek Loops --as many as you feel inclined to do.

This Week we will run a Mango Madness race preview.  It will give all those who have sent Pete and I questions about the race a chance to practice the drive to Makiki and to go over the trails before the actual race.  The course is about 10 miles, or two to three hours. Runners should be traveling with at least 40 oz of water (two bottles) to complete the course.  The trails are in very good condition, the course is quite beautiful right now. If you are contemplating the race and are concerned about the course this is a good time to come out and walk or run it. If you have not done trails this is the perfect time to give it a try! 

Or if you are too lazy to go out to Peacock and run with Ernest's Western States Prep Team then you can show up at the Park for a shorter, closer, Training run.    After the  Madness Loop we will do a Reverse Trek loop and then if anyone is still inclined a Trek Loop.   

So come out and do as much or as little as you like. Aloha, Mike.

A review of Mango Madness

Here is a blurb on the upcoming Mango Madness Run which is a part of the Trail Series for 2008.  Pete and I are really excited and hoping for some new PR's and a fast and competitive race.  So get ready for Madness! SEE YOU THERE.

                         Mango Madness


Start Time:        7:00 AM

Date:                June 14th, 2008

Cost:                Ten dollars at race start.

Where:             Triangle Park Makiki Heights Drive


Approximately 10 miles

Two Aid Stations

All racers should carry a water bottle, and perhaps a mango or papaya, or if you are  particularly fast a  watermelon. 


This is a Trail Race over Single Track trails and a mile or so of gentle grade and generally traffic free road.


This race has some difficulty in terms of altitude rise and fall,  trail surface technicals, and the general temperament of the Race directors.


Beginners and those average runners are most welcome and are encouraged to come out. We are hoping to give awards to most all who finish. The Trails are in beautiful condition, the views of Honolulu are spectacular, the wonder of the mountain forests above Honolulu is always incredible. Two aid stations insure you will have an enjoyable run.  This is a race that everyone enjoys year after year.


But Pete and I will be focusing our special attention primarily on the competitive race for the serious, confident, intense type, fast runner. We want to look after the guys and gals who always win or who generally place high in everything they do, and get very upset if they don't meet their own high expectations. Their extraordinary abilities have earned them a special place in our hearts.  Pete and I are hoping to make this a particularly memerable run for this group of clow… clo… cla  .classic achievers.             

Continue reading "A review of Mango Madness " »

Run with a View Results

What can I say--the dog ate them! Is that a good reason for the late results?

Those of you who ran the race--you know your results. You were either in better shape than you thought or thinking, darn I gotta get myself in better shape! No more desert and I am running hills tomorrow! (just speaking for myself)

With this thick vog and humid air--for some it's tough just breathing let alone running. Let's hope it clears before the weekend.

Click here to see the results. There were some very good runners out there this past Saturday!
See you out on the trails!

Run with a View Photos

Aloha Athletes,

We had a fun race with the Run with a View on Saturday. I have not got the official results yet but wanted to thank Race Directors, Cheryl and Don for putting on a great race. I also want to thank the trail menehune's for their excellent work in clearing the trail.

I've posted two albums of photos. Thanks to Marian, Cheryl and PJ for taking these photos. Click here to see album 1 and here to see album 2.

I'll get the results up as soon as I can.

The next race in the H.U.R.T. Trail Series is the Mango Madness on June 14th.

See you out on the trails!

Run with a View is Saturday, 5/10 at 7:00 a.m.

Aloha Athletes!

The next race in the 2008 H.U.R.T. Trail Series is coming up very fast--this Saturday May 10th. The Run with A View race is 8 miles of fun. In typical H.U.R.T. style, the course is 4 miles uphill and the second half, all downhill.

The race starts at the neighborhood park (on the left) at the corner of Kaahele St. and Naalii St., goes 1/2 mile up Kaahele St. to the trailhead and makes a 7 mile clockwise loop on trails before returning back down Kaahele St. to the park. It is 8 miles total. Cheryl will be stationed at the only aid station at the 3.5 mile mark, so plan to bring a water bottle, as you may need it. The race starts at 7:00 am, so please be there to check in by 6:30 am with your $10 entry fee. Awards will be given to the first 10 men and to the first 10 women finishers and there will be soda, water, gatorade and food at the finish. Fun for all ! We also have a limited supply of nice, new Patagonia/HURT Trail Series shirts for $20 each.

Driving directions: If you are coming from Honolulu, take H-1 freeway ewa direction to the Waimalu Exit. After taking the Waimalu Exit, immediately get into the left lane and prepare to stop at the traffic light. Take another left at the stop light, getting onto Moanalua Rd. (heading Diamondhead). Go to the 2nd traffic light, Kaahele St., and take a left (mauka). continue up Kaahele St. for quite a distance up the hill, until you reach the stop sign at Naalii Street. The neighborhood park is on the left and there is plenty of parking on Kaahele St.

If you have any questions, contact Race Directors, Cheryl Loomis 488-0784 [email protected]) or Don Fallis 247-4144 [email protected]

See ya there !

Click here to see the 2007 Run with a View Results