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2009 H.U.R.T. 100 Photos

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Due to some technical difficulties, these photos are long overdue. I think most were taken by PJ, however she is in a few of the photos so I know she didn't take all of them. Stan Jensen may have taken some as well.

There are three pages of the thumbnail size photos. Click on the first photo in the upper left corner and then you can view them all in a larger, slide-show type format.

Click here to view the entire set.


Saturday Training 1-31-09

Aloha Athletes !

This Saturday we return to the scene of the crime, for Run to the Sun training. We will meet at the water pumping station at the corner of Makiki St. & Makiki Heights Rd., slightly earlier than last week, at 6:30 am. The plan is to do the 9-10 mile Manoa Loop, followed by 2 trips up Tantalus Rd., including concrete hill. We plan to park 2 pickup trucks at the bottom of concrete rd. for transportation back to the start. For the speedy runners, they can continue doing repeats up concrete hill until the back of the pack arrives. See you at 6:30 am !  Don


Aloha All,

Thinking back on the many pieces that make up the HURT 100 race and all the hard work by so many, it makes me proud to be on the HURT team. After all, HURT stands for "Hawaiian Ultrarunning TEAM"...and we are a "TEAM". The HURT 100 race has come a long way since 2001, when it began. It's had some difficult moments along the way, and yet it's survived to be one of the top 100 mile races in the country, for three good reasons: John Salmonson, Jeff Huff and PJ Salmonson. These folks have put their heart and soul into the HURT 100....365 days a year. In my opinion, they don't get near the credit they deserve. Three other people come to mind, who tirelessly work every year for the HURT 100, with little recognition, are Bob McAllaster, on the HURT blog, Cheryl Loomis with goodie bags and Joel Jenkins with the medical side. Aid station captains Barbi McAllaster and Rex Vlcek both did an outstanding job, with a very difficult task. Yes, this is a TEAM, and there are many, many team members that need to be recognized, such as the HURT com, communications team, including Stan Jensen. I sincerely apologize if I left someone out. Trust me, you ARE all appreciated !

I'm proud to be on the HURT team. How about you?  Great job, everyone !  Don

SURGERY UPDATE:) Happiness is Bliss!!

I just got the call that I have been waiting for.  Someone cancelled and my surgery has been pushed up to Friday the 23rd of January.  Whoo Hoo!!!  Next week I start PT and then it is time to slowly get back into it.  I am still planning on Angeles Crest 100 in September.  I am going to be flying over there this summer to do some training runs.  I hope everyone enjoys their Run to the Sun training coming up and CONGRATULATIONS to all those who expereinced the H.U.R.T. 100, finishing or not, toeing the line is an awesome experience in itself. 

Jah Bless

Devon Webb

[email protected]


Aloha Athletes !

With many runners bodies still mending from the HURT 100 race, we thought it would be nice to just ease-into the beginning of Run to the Sun training. A little later start (6:45 am) and a slightly shorter route (the basically flat 10 mile Manoa loop) is the plan for this Saturday, at a reduced pace. However, those wanting to go faster and longer are welcome to do so, by running ahead of the pack and continuing up Tantalus Rd. for a loop or two.

As usual, we will meet at the water pumping station at the corner of Makiki St. and Makiki Heights Rd. It should be fun and a nice change of pace.  Don

HURT 100 Race Pictures from Akabill

Here is the site Akabill has for his many hundreds of HURT 2009 race shots.   I looked through them and feel they are a great collection of faces and situations.  I have not tried to download any, so I don't know the site routine.   A big mahalo to Akabill for being out there and taking the time to capture the feeling of the race. 

akabill has added two more albums, making a post of at least 1000 pictures.  It is an incredible effort and really adds a lot to the experience.   Check it out and let akabill know you appreciate it!  Mikem

akabill <[email protected]>   email

HURT 2009 akabill photo albums





Big Mahalo to the HURT Race Support and Directorate

Enough cannot be said, but still I'll attempt to some degree here.

Aid Stations: Year after year, I think the aid stations are great but this year took the competition between each aid station to a new level.  The energy at Nuuanu, the lights at Paradise and the excellent volunteers at Nature Center all brought forth the aid station captains' personalities.  So much excellent food and lube to share with all!  Especially the lube.

Trail Work: Mike and the DLNR Team rocked.  Running up the newly refurbished section was amazing.  I even hopped over the pungi sticks left behind, and never slipped once.  The effort to clear away debris, reroute rivers and make the HURT race another difficult success was tremendous.  So much thanks goes out to this crew that like all trail races cannot ever be thanked enough unless you go out and help.

HAM Operators: My family and friends felt very close even in the deep swamps and hidden bayous.  My Mom even emailed me about why I stopped at the 100K before I knew I was really done.  This well-oiled team of experts made my HAM operating uncle proud back home as he listed closely from afar.  Your licenses are well earned and experience cannot be truly understood in this arena.  But as I learned so often as a child growing up, KB5DOT signing off!  Awesome job out there.

Race Directorate: You are the most visible and tireless of everyone.  Yearlong effort is required and many things require duct tape that we never see.  Although Jeff may be the Bag Balm of the leadership, PJ is truly the duct tape. Seeing the friendship amongst each of you brings the spirit of HURT out in each of us.  Another incredible race!

Ribbon Removal/HURT Race

Hi Gang !

Sorry for the late post. Tomorrow morning, Monday January 19 we will be meeting at 8:00 am at the water pumping station at the corner of Makiki St. & Makiki Heights Rd. to split into teams to go out and remove ribbons from the race course. No experience necessary, just come out and join us for some fun. It should take 2-3 hours, at the most. Aloha !  Don