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Aloha All,

Thinking back on the many pieces that make up the HURT 100 race and all the hard work by so many, it makes me proud to be on the HURT team. After all, HURT stands for "Hawaiian Ultrarunning TEAM"...and we are a "TEAM". The HURT 100 race has come a long way since 2001, when it began. It's had some difficult moments along the way, and yet it's survived to be one of the top 100 mile races in the country, for three good reasons: John Salmonson, Jeff Huff and PJ Salmonson. These folks have put their heart and soul into the HURT 100....365 days a year. In my opinion, they don't get near the credit they deserve. Three other people come to mind, who tirelessly work every year for the HURT 100, with little recognition, are Bob McAllaster, on the HURT blog, Cheryl Loomis with goodie bags and Joel Jenkins with the medical side. Aid station captains Barbi McAllaster and Rex Vlcek both did an outstanding job, with a very difficult task. Yes, this is a TEAM, and there are many, many team members that need to be recognized, such as the HURT com, communications team, including Stan Jensen. I sincerely apologize if I left someone out. Trust me, you ARE all appreciated !

I'm proud to be on the HURT team. How about you?  Great job, everyone !  Don


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 paul hoppy

Big,big thankyou to one and all for all your hardwork and devotion to the culmination of the Hurt series- 'The Hurt 100'. To everyone who played a part ,volunteered or participated and made it just what it is, a very unique event in such a special place. Hurt lives and breathes, comradarie ,support, and ohana through struggle,raceday or anyday, and with a passion like no other event,which is reflected in the efforts and smiles of all involved. so mahalo nui loa,s and until 'A ola hou'(it lives again) mahalos :) ...


Even though I lived on Oahu for a short 2 years, when I return it is coming home to my HURT family. Yes, the trails are beautiful, but it's the people who put on such a wonderful event to allow the runners to have an experience of a lifetime that make the race the very special event that it is. Thank you to all for the time and effort you put in, still smiling after all those hours out there. A special thanks to those who hung out to cheer me on and to give support and encouragement to the bitter end.


Hey, Don, thank you for the nice comments, and include yourself in that team!
As everyone has mentioned here, HURT is a big group effort. Not only that, but everyone who participates volunteered to do so- we don't have to solicit help. It is a neat thing. Thank you everyone for your part of this race! John and I talk a lot about all the very special people we have met since we started running ultras, people who have remained our friends for all these years. But our HURT family in Hawaii is the closest to our hearts.

Ron Wilmoth

HURT is the simply the BEST. It's a family for life, with nothing but the BEST family members who work hard for each other and have fun at the same time. Even though I've been away, I feel close to anyone and everyone who is a HURT member. I too am proud to be part of HURT.

Jeff Huff

Thank you Don for the kind words. For me it all gets back to where we came from in our humble beginnings of what we envisioned this race to be. While we may not do all those things that appease every runner, in our heart of hearts we attempt to make it a fantastic experience for all. I really don't know if there is "A Perfect Formula" for putting on one of these events, but having the people on board who have been mentioned in all the comments above is certainly a great foundation. With that said though, we are extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with such a compassionate running community both locally and nationally who have come to treasure this event. I believe that it is the quality of the folks that are running out here at HURT that make this race what it is. I hope that as the race continues to evolve that we are fortunate to see that type of runner applying for the HURT. I have said it many times before but I truly do feel we get some of the highest character runner's out here. For that you should all applaud yourself. Aloha


Cheryl Ridlon, New Mexico

This was my first HURT, and actually my first Ultra... What an amazing experience!! I had paced in Hardrock, but that's as close as I've been.

I was lucky enough to be in Hawaii in November and got to train and meet some of the other runners on the trail who were so supportive and encouraging with my training, guiding me on the course and keeping me company on the trail.

Of course the weekend of HURT was simply incredible. Even if we hadn't had dry trails and great weather; I don't think I could have imagined it would be as wonderful as it was. To start, the kick off with the prayer, the Conch Shell blowers and tiki torches is bright in my mind's eye... The crews, staff, organizers did an excellent job and were so cheerful, warm and helpful. The aid stations were amazing... Lance, who I usually pace and crew got to be on the "other side" this time supporting me, was impressed with the great job everyone did, witnessing their hard work first hand while waiting for my arrivals and on the receiving end as a pacer.

Of course, all the incredible runners out there smiling, high fiving and yelling words of encouragement kept my spirits high during the daylight and night time hours...

I came for the 100 miles but took the 100K. I'm good with that, not so bad for a girl who two years ago couldn't (wouldn't) run a mile and whose only item on my resume is a 10k in October (and pacer!!). We managed to raise $502.00 in pledges for a sick little girl at home. What could I possibly whine about? Now I have something to shoot for next year!

I made so many great friends, ohana, who share a special part of my life now, that anyone else could not possibly understand. Lance told me an Ultra would change my life, and it has. I am so blessed!! Thanks to all of you in the HURT family, I couldn't have done it without you!

Ben Cavazos

Good morning,

There's no doubt HURT100 is the blueprint for any race director trying to establish a number one event.
I'm blessed to be here in Hawaii and to have joined this special circle of runners and so thankful for the relationships born along the way.
I was not @ 100% for the race, but was certain I would finish and then have my foot surgery; it took place yesteday and now that the docs have re-aligned the big toe on my right foot, I can take a break and hope to come back to training in about a month or so as I see this year, a year of new and different training to find out if I still have some speed in my legs for the 2009 HURT series.
Thanks to all for such support before and during the race...thanks to you, I was able to meet my goal.



Thank you.
Don, don't forget yourself. Thanks for the shirts, course marking, coordinating the pacers and volunteers. It is definetely
a team effort. Thanks to all that make it happen year after year.

Carl Gammon

Don, you are so right. HURT is special because of the special people. I was part of the original gang in the 80s, and even though I've been gone from Hawaii for over 12 years, I STILL feel pride when I tell people of my association with HURT.

Paul Sibley

Agreed! So many people want HURT to remain special. Without all the names mentioned, these people offer homes, clean out the aid boxes, carry water to the summit for others training and always have some extra duct tape, batteries and burritos with salsa. I've raced over 100 various events around the world and always see HURT as a spiritual part of my life. And it allows me a great excuse to hang out with my friends all night!

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