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February 12, 2009


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Great job! Post some more of your stories up here so we can read them. It gets me motivated for more running!



Mike M.

I've added some pictures of the Rocky Racoon Race course, and a few of the race and post finish for those who are interested. Mikem

PJ Salmonson

Way to go Mike- nice run.26 hours is not too shabby!

PJ and John

 paul hoppy

Well done mike'it ,nice run!!!.Hope you stayed off the pepto.B.this time round.The pink frothy mouth :0 was scary looking @ HURT.Get some well earned rest,you deserve it ... Hopi

Bob Mc

Great effort Mike as always. I was surprised to see your name upon the finishers when I looked at it a few days ago and was waiting in anticipation for another one of your great race reports. Mend that body, there are more races to run. I've thought a lot about what you wrote in 08 about our bodies becoming fit enough to be "ultra" capable. It speaks truth (and wisdom) to me.



Guess you were too tired to notice the legions of angels that were dispatched to keep you save along the way.
BTW, did you attempt to find out if Gideon left you ant words of wisdom?

Carl Gammon

Congratulations, Mike. It was great getting a chance to run with you for a little while.

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