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February 15, 2009


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Bob Mc.

Great photos! Looks like everyone had way too much fun. In one photo, Cheryl looks asleep??? In another Freddy and Harald almost look like brothers. If you guys keep getting Laura out on these Ultra's, we might get her signed up for the HURT 100! :-)


Be sure to look at the photos by clicking on the link!


Thank you everyone for all your help! I had an absolute blast--it was also my longest distance yet! What a great party...can't wait to do it again!


Great food and great company – just what you need for valentines. I had the time of my life and wanted to add my thanks to everyone involved. Thanks to Marian and Neal for their organization, for letting me tag along at the last minute and for our wonderful goody bags. Cheryl, Brenda, Ryan and Fish, you were the best pit crew ever. Fish, thank you so much for keeping my tired legs moving. Freddy and Harald, you guys are the best. Thanks to all the pinkies for the “friendly” competition. An excellent adventure, mahalo to all.


Sweetheart's was a blast again - thank you Marian, Neal, Cheryl, Brenda, and Ryan! (Did I miss anyone?) I'm sure we all gained a few pounds along the way. Well, I did...

Hats off again to Heather, winner of the Athlete of the Night Award!

Oh, and don't get too smug, you pinkies - we didn't miss any clues, we just taped them back onto the utility poles to confuse you! Red rules! :)

PJ Salmonson

Oh boy- what a night- the crew were fast thinkers, finding their way back to you over Likelike!
We thought about you guys all night- congratulations! Bet some of you are still sleeping!
What a great tradition.


Mike M.

Great Job everyone! Wish I had been there to run with you. Seeethearts is a great fun run with a wonderful reputation.

Much aloha to you all.


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