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Saturday Training 4-4-09 "More Peacocks"

Aloha Athletes !

Everybody had so much fun last Saturday at Peacock Flats that we decided to return to the scene of the crime this Saturday...same time...same station. So, plan to be at the parking lot behind the Dillingham Airfield Control Tower at 6 am sharp. As always, bring plenty of fluids, as summer is approaching...fast !

As a reminder, the first HURT Trail Series race of the season, "Top of Tantalus" will be held on Saturday, April 11, 2009. Check the HURT blog: www.HurtHawaii.com for details. These races are a blast !  Don

Laysan Albatross colony

It appears that the Laysan Albatross colony up at Peacock Flats has gone missing. 

I'm reposting the link from the Honolulu Advertiser since we do training runs up at Peacock and it's possible that someone saw some sort of activity in that area. Our regular training runs do not actually go through the nesting colony, but you would pass right by it if you run a "lower loop", or if you head down the "Makai Road" junction which is about a mile from the start of the single-track near the Golf balls. 

The article has contact info if you saw anything that you feel needs reporting. The video link in the article is worth watching. 

-- Sean

Saturday Training 3-28-09 "Peacock Flats"

Aloha Athletes !

A nice crowd came out to Peacock's last Saturday and hopefully this Saturday will be no exception. Peacock Flats provides a great workout and beautiful vistas. Be prepared for warmer weather, which will be arriving soon, so a stash at the bottom of Long Road will become more-and-more essential over the next few weeks. A normal 6:00 am start from the parking lot behind the Dillingham Airfield Control Tower is the plan, so be there or be square. Many will do the 27 mile loop, but come and do what you can.   See ya there !  Don

Peacock Drop

I am headed up to Peacock in the next week sometime (depending on weather) and wanted to know if anyone needs anything brought up there?  Also, if anyone wants to go for a drive up give me a call or e-mail me.  I have enough room for 5 people including myself.  If you come plan on spending at least half  the day up on the mountain.  I know there is a lot of water stashed up there already but trash needs to be brought down and I want to make sure there is enough water for this summers training.  I will be at Dillingham tomorrow morning (My Birthday:)) so anything you need brought up there, bring it tomorrow or get with me sometime in the next couple days.  Gotta Run.  Jah Bless.


[email protected] 625-9692 / 371-2177

Saturday Training 3-21-09 Peacock Flats

Aloha Athletes !

With all the fun of another Run to the Sun just a memory, it's time to return to the real world of trail running. Several of our friends are training for races on the mainland, Marian, Ernest and Gil for Western States 100...Rex for Kettle Moraine 100...and Devon for Angeles Crest 100...did I forget someone? Anyway, most of these folks will be spending lots of time training at Peacock Flats, primarily on Saturdays, so please try to come out often and give them your support. I guarantee you will get a great workout in the process, not to mention some beautiful views. Things do come up...like a cancer seminar this Saturday morning, that changed my plans to be there, but there's always next week for me. From what I hear, there's still plenty of water stashed on top, but plan on carrying plenty and stashing some at the bottom of Long Road. Looking forward to seeing you !  Don Start time is the usual 6:00 am at the parking lot behind Dillingham Airfield.

Run to Sun Results and more

FINAL UPDATED 3-19-09 (Hopefully)

Great efforts by all who toughed it out and participated in the 2009 Run to the Sun. Congratulations to all the participants and  thank you to all the volunteers.

Click here for the individual results and here for the team results. 

Special thanks to Aubrey Hord for taking such great photos and making them available for viewing here.

Run To Sun Update (winners)

Ok Sean Miesser has won. Fukio from Japan second and Jamie Armstrong from Canada third.

I was awoken by a loud thunderclap this morning at about 4:30 a.m. I guess that was my due for not toeing the line at the start of Run to Sun this year as that is about the start time. It has been raining pretty heavy all morning since and three kid's soccer games have been canceled for the day.

I got a message from Race Director John Salmonson that the finish has been moved down about three miles from the summit due to ice and other conditions--probably wind at this time.

Barbi talked with Kat and about 1/2 hour ago, skies were blue over there but it was very cold. Cheryl texted there was ice on the roads and 40 mph winds.

Accuweather Radar shows the heaviest rain over Oahu. Some of it might start hitting Maui a bit later.

If any one gets any other updates--post them as comments.

Miles More To Go....

Well I am back to running, on the road at least.  My knee feels good and isn't swollen.  I have run 20 miles so far this week.  I get to transition to "trail" (soft dirt path) soon.  Look out Peacock and Pupukea:)  I want to thank everyone for their support, especially my family.  The physical therapist has prescribed me custom orthotics, which I get today:)  I will let you know how they feel.  I want to also say GOOD LUCK to all who are going to Haleakala this weekend.  Better not forget the jacket:)  Anyway, if you wish to follow me on my quest for the 100 mile distance in California at Angeles Crest 100 you can view my training blog at http://ultradevon.sweat365.com.  Jah Bless and I will see everyone at Top of Tantalus!!!  


Run to the Sun weather report

According to last night's weather report, and the fact that the weather on Haleakala can be more extreme than at sea-level, I pulled-out some winter clothing and even some gloves to take to Run to the Sun. You might want to do the same. There's a drop bag location at the Ranger Station/Visitor Center at the 26 mile mark (7,000 ft. elevation) that could be used just in case. Please make sure you have something very warm to wear at the summit. All that being said, Mother Nature and Pele can now conspire to bring in a heat wave, just to throw us off kilter. Regardless of the weather, it should be an adventure we won't soon forget. See ya there.  Don

In Memory of all the training Up's

Edit: Try this link--I think this is what you were supposed to see:

For all the ups and the practice......here is are some downs along the same path. 


click on the 2006 420 race and Dig the Trowls!

Run Hard, Run Well. It's da Juice Brah! Up or down. Alu Loa! Everyone to the top is a winner!!!