A Few More Run to Sun Photos
Saturday Training 3-28-09 "Peacock Flats"

Peacock Drop

I am headed up to Peacock in the next week sometime (depending on weather) and wanted to know if anyone needs anything brought up there?  Also, if anyone wants to go for a drive up give me a call or e-mail me.  I have enough room for 5 people including myself.  If you come plan on spending at least half  the day up on the mountain.  I know there is a lot of water stashed up there already but trash needs to be brought down and I want to make sure there is enough water for this summers training.  I will be at Dillingham tomorrow morning (My Birthday:)) so anything you need brought up there, bring it tomorrow or get with me sometime in the next couple days.  Gotta Run.  Jah Bless.


ultradevon@gmail.com 625-9692 / 371-2177


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Thanks everyone for their Birthday Greetings!! Also, Doug give me a call, I want to go out to Peacock on Thursday if that is good for you. And if anyone has anything to take up to stash give it to me by then please:) Cheryl, I will wait until you are better to stash the beer and pizza:) Jah Bless.


Thanks Devon,,,and Happy Birthday from all of us!

could you stash some beer and pizza??


I am working, wish I could. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Devon!

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