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Run To Sun Update (winners)

Ok Sean Miesser has won. Fukio from Japan second and Jamie Armstrong from Canada third.

I was awoken by a loud thunderclap this morning at about 4:30 a.m. I guess that was my due for not toeing the line at the start of Run to Sun this year as that is about the start time. It has been raining pretty heavy all morning since and three kid's soccer games have been canceled for the day.

I got a message from Race Director John Salmonson that the finish has been moved down about three miles from the summit due to ice and other conditions--probably wind at this time.

Barbi talked with Kat and about 1/2 hour ago, skies were blue over there but it was very cold. Cheryl texted there was ice on the roads and 40 mph winds.

Accuweather Radar shows the heaviest rain over Oahu. Some of it might start hitting Maui a bit later.

If any one gets any other updates--post them as comments.


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Fujio Miyachi

I thank all the people who went for Run to the Sun, all the stuff, volunteers, people who game me some advice and ran with me. Because of them, I finished the race with no big trouble, and came in the 2nd place.
I had so many exciting experience I'd never had before; such as the slanting rain right after the race started, the amazingly strong wind by which I tought I might be blown away, and even just running in the dark.
The race was really tuff and hard for me, but I didn't give up because everybody I met thtough the race cheered me up. They encouraged me to keep going!!

Thank you for the great time and experience. I will make it to the top next time!!

Fujio Miyachi


I thought Peacock 2008 was tough...This years Run to the Sun was something else!!! What an experience!!! I am so glad I was a part of it (now that it's over that!!! When I got word that the course had been shortened due to bad weather, I asked myself: "How bad can it be?" Well I along with everyone else surely found out the hard way. The support was FANTASTIC!!! The blankets and warm food at the finish eventually stopped A LOT of bodies from shivering!!! Mahalo nui loa! Johnny


Thank you for hosting an incredible, and very memorable, R2S. I was definitely humbled by Haleakala and the conditions she threw at us yesterday. I swear I had a few gusts over 50 mph - obviously hard to run in. To all of the are truly special for hanging out there all day in the nasty conditions. Mahalo. And big kudos to the organizers for stopping the race where they did...I actually wouldn't have been surprised if it had stopped at the park entrance. I look forward to finishing at the top next time.

Aubrey Hord

Aloha everyone!! Congratulations! Great job yesterday in the freezing, windy, rainy conditions.
If anyone wants to see the race photos, they are posted at They are also on the front page of the Maui News Sports section this morning. Woo hoo!
Cheers on a great race. We will have a talk with Mother Nature to improve next year's weather.


Well said, Mike!

Kudos to the organizers for shortening the run (for most it was not a race anymore at that point) to keep everyone safe. The logistical issues created by this move must have caused them a lot of headaches.

Wind speeds hit 50 mph on Haleakala in the early afternoon, according to the observatories' weather station. I have no log of the temperatures but I suspect they were in the 30s - which translates into the low to mid teens when you factor in wind speed.

Thanks again to the race staff and the volunteers, in particular upward of 6000, for their fantastic effort!


WOW, Sean Meissner from Sisters, OR, wore race bib 100 to represent his 100th ultra, and he won the race!!!! What a day for him. Congratulations Sean.


anyone who didn't experience the rts this year missed something special. It is my sincere wish that someday you manage to catch that something special. Hopefully you won't have on the proper clothes, and I can run by you screaming with laughter.....welll actually it would be pain from the cold and the effort to remain upright in the 40 mph gusts. I did not hear any one, except myself of course, say they wished they could have run to top. (and the only reason I said that was because I was already down the mountain.)

The race staff and volunteers did a truely great job under very difficult circumstances. Thank you to everyone who was there throughout the race and at the finish when 8 out of 10 people were near shivering and near hypothermia.


The best part of Run to Sun this year,,,was watching Don Fallis finish his first race since his cancer....and finish well!!!

Gordon L

It was nice and sunny at Peacock today!

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