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Saturday Training 3-21-09 Peacock Flats

Aloha Athletes !

With all the fun of another Run to the Sun just a memory, it's time to return to the real world of trail running. Several of our friends are training for races on the mainland, Marian, Ernest and Gil for Western States 100...Rex for Kettle Moraine 100...and Devon for Angeles Crest 100...did I forget someone? Anyway, most of these folks will be spending lots of time training at Peacock Flats, primarily on Saturdays, so please try to come out often and give them your support. I guarantee you will get a great workout in the process, not to mention some beautiful views. Things do come a cancer seminar this Saturday morning, that changed my plans to be there, but there's always next week for me. From what I hear, there's still plenty of water stashed on top, but plan on carrying plenty and stashing some at the bottom of Long Road. Looking forward to seeing you !  Don Start time is the usual 6:00 am at the parking lot behind Dillingham Airfield.


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Jake Hinz

Great intro to Peacock today! Thanks to Devon and Doug for showing me the ropes and a little hill or two!



Maybe it was just a fluke, but hide your stash good at the bottom of long road or consider changing the location by a 100 yards or so. Last time Rex and I did Peacock about three weeks ago, we both had our coolers stolen. Cheers, Dan

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